Zen Origami Giveaway!

Zen Origami Giveaway!

Hey guys, this is Evan from EZ Origami.

I just wanted to make a quick video to thank you all for helping me reach70,000 subscribers on YouTube.

And to celebrate, I'll be giving away acopy of Maria Sinayskaya's new book called Zen Origami.

The book features diagrams for 20 of Maria's beautiful modular designs which areperfect for folders of all experience levels.

The diagrams are clear and easyto follow, and it comes with over 400 sheets of patterned paper to fold justabout every design in the book.

I've really been enjoying my copy of Zen Origami, and I'm excited to share one with you as well.

So if you're interestedin participating in this giveaway, all you have to do is.

1st: subscribe to mychannel.

2nd: like this video.

And 3rd: leave a comment below with a design that you'd like to see me teach in one of my future videos.

And for an extra chance towin, follow Maria and I on Instagram (@ez_origami and @mariasinayskaya).

Then all you have to do is leavea comment on my latest giveaway photo with your YouTube username and I will enter your name twice into the giveaway.

It's that easy! You have one week to enter, soI'll be accepting entries until June 2nd.

The winner will be selected at randomand I will announce their name on June 3rd in the description of this video as wellas on Facebook and Instagram.

And since we'll only have one lucky winner for thisgiveaway, I'll also be making a tutorial on one of the designs from Zen Origami justto give you a sneak peek of Maria's new book.

So be sure to check back soon! Good luck and I'll see you guys in the next video!.

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