Valentine’s Day: Bugs and Kisses Valentine’s Day Card Craft for Kids

Valentine’s Day: Bugs and Kisses Valentine’s Day Card Craft for Kids

Today we're making a bugs and kisses Valentine's Day card, which is really fun and cute.

What you'll need is construction paper, scissors,a glue stick, tape, red and black marker, and paper towels, and chocolate kisses.

We start by taking a couple sheets of paper towels, fold them over, this is if you want to maketwo.

Then, you're going to cut out the heart in the paper towel.

I always start by goingdirectly across, cutting out a triangle from one end to the other end.

Then, I'm going to cut another little triangle off the tip, then just go around and make the curved part of the heart.

I use paper towels because they kind of have texture and it'll look a littlebit like a doily.

Just trim it up and here we go, got a couple of hearts.

Now I'm goingto cut out the inside to make the open part of the heart.

Same thing, just go around followingthe shape of the heart inside.

This way you've got two ready to go if you want to make two.

Here we have the middle part.

This is what we actually draw the bugs on.

I'm going tocut out the heart for the base on the construction paper.

I want to make sure it's slightly biggerthan the paper towel heart.

That's why I pulled it in place while I cut around it.

It wasabout 1/2 an inch, so that it's a nice border.

You could use any color you like.

I likedhow the brown and red went together.

You could use purple.

You could use pink, any othercolors.

Now, I'm going to show you how to draw the ladybugs.

Just color a little bit,like an oval red, then you're going to put a couple dots on the back, make a head, acouple dots on the back, a couple little legs, four legs, then make a little antennae.

Samething here.

You might want to put them going different directions.

You can do 3, 4, 5 dots,whatever you can fit in there.

You just go all the way around the heart making the bugs.

Here I'm finishing up this one.

There it is all the way around.

Once you've got the bugsdrawn on, then you just want to glue the paper towel onto the construction paper.

I justmake a heart shape with the glue stick.

I find it's better to actually glue the constructionpaper because the paper towel is a little flimsy and it might rip.

Then you can writea little note.

I put bugs and kisses.

You can say Happy Valentines Day, whatever itis.

You just tape the chocolate kisses.

I loop the tape around and tape them on to themiddle part of the heart.

In one example, I only put 3, another I put 6.

It's howevermany you want to put in the middle there.

I think I'll put the last one, 3 in this onetoo.

I guess it depends on how much you like the person that you're giving it to.

Here's3 for this one.

All right, here's our bugs and kisses valentine.

You could write XOXOon there too.

Here's the red one that I did.

All right, thanks for watching.

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