Updated Tutorial -Origami House :: Casa en Origami

Updated Tutorial -Origami House :: Casa en Origami

This video is an updated and improved tutorial on how to make this origami house.

Hi, this is Leyla Torres of OrigamiSpirit.

Com and this is Coco.

We are celebrating the arrival of Coco in our home three years ago.

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Com To make a house about this size, we need a square paper 6 x 6 inches 15 x 15 cm.

For de demonstration I will use a bigger piece of paper.

We begin with the color of the walls facing up, the color of the roof facing down.


Make the diagonal folds.


Turn it over.

Bring two opposite corners to the center.

Open and turn it over.

We'll make a fold about here.

Pinch this crease and bring it to the center.

Same here.



We repeat on these two sides.

Bring this corner to the center, making a fold here.

Same here.

We will make a mountain fold here.

Repeat on the left.

Unfold to this position.

Turn it over.

Bring this edge over.

and this edge over.

We are going to make valley folds from this corner out.

We are going to reinforce this section… and this section as valley folds.

Same here.

Turn it over.

On this side… this crease and this are mountain folds.

We are going to bisect this angle.

and make a fold right here.

To do that, we pinch one mountain fold and bring them together.

We'll repeat on the other three corners.

Turn it over.

We should have those folds on the left and on the right of this triangle.

Fold along the center.

as a mountain fold.

We have this colored area on the right.

This lower corner… bring it to the inner corner.

and make a fold here.


Insert your finger and squash.

We have a smaller triangular flap here.

Fold it to the back.

Turn it over, top to bottom.

Repeat here.

We pick it up and work in the air.

We are going to reinforce this and this as mountain folds.

Insert our fingers, open from inside.

and make those into mountain folds.

Here we have a mountain fold.

Pushing from here, we are going to refold that mountain fold.

And we create this little flap.

There is a pocket here.

Insert this flap into that pocket.

Now we repeat here on the left.

Then we have these two tips.

We place one inside the other.

We work on the other side and repeat the process.

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