Top Toys: Craft-tastic Paper Bowl Kit

Top Toys: Craft-tastic Paper Bowl Kit

Beautiful bowls made of just paper and glue.

so clever and so cute! With our Craft-tastic Paper Bowl Kit, you can make them in three different sizes- perfect for your little treasures, or as a treasured gift.

Apply a generous amount of glue to both sides of the paper circle.

Place it onto the plastic bowl mold, close to the rim.

Keep going until the bowl is covered.

Once the first layer of glue has dried clear, apply another layer over all the paper and gaps.

Then, wait five days for the glue to harden.

Remove the plastic mold by bending it and peeling it away from the paper.

Once the inside dries clear, the bowl is ready to use.

The glue will continue to harden for several days.

Happy crafting!.

Source: Youtube