Toddler Activities & Crafts : Toddler Crafts: Paper Plate Snowman

Toddler Activities & Crafts : Toddler Crafts: Paper Plate Snowman

Today we are going to make a snowman out ofpaper plates and the materials you will need is two paper plates (big size), a bottle ofglue, marker, hole punch, scissors, piece of yarn, orange pipe cleaner, red constructionpaper and black construction paper.

The first thing you will do is cut out one of the paperplates just around the outer rim, just cut off like the wrinkly part.

Next you will holepunch big paper plate pretty close to the edge and same with the small paper plate andyou will tie the two together and just tie it into a bow.

The next thing you will dois make your hat and your boots out of the black construction piece of paper, fold thepiece of paper in half and make an outline of the hat, leaving room for the boots touse on the same piece of paper and cut them out and unfold it for your hat and the nextthing you will do is fold the red construction paper in half and make your mittens and justput a little bit of glue in the bottom of the hat and place it on the top.

Next youneed to glue the boots on, next you need to glue the mitten on and then you will cut justa little part of the orange pipe cleaner for the nose and you can just glue it right onthere or if you want you can like poke it through.

I am just going to glue it and then you can either use like the wigglyeyes or you can just use a marker or the crayon and you can make a mouth with a marker orcrayon and for the buttons, you can out pieces of construction paper.

I am going to use partof my red scraps for it and glue them on in the middle and now your final snowman willlook like this.

Source: Youtube