Toddler Activities & Crafts : Toddler Crafts: Making Collages

Toddler Activities & Crafts : Toddler Crafts: Making Collages

Today I am going to show you on how to makea collage for toddlers.

The first thing that you should do is gather different materialsand you can use a smaller piece of construction paper or a bigger piece.

For the toddlers,you probably want a bigger piece so they have more room to work on.

The materials that Ihave gathered to make the collage is a bottle of glue, these are just bone shapes, thereis heart, circles and squares, just small pieces of yarn, different colored crayons,some colored doodles, scrap pieces of construction paper, shriveled up like shredded paper, pom-pomsand some feathers.

The first thing you would want to do after you have gathered the materialsand the paper is just sit down with your child or a toddler that you are with and make sureit is like a hard surface that they can work on and then just help them with the glue toopen it and just let them grab materials and show them how to glue it.

My final collagelooked like this.

Hope you enjoy creating a collage with your toddler.

Source: Youtube