The Phantomhive Diaries #16: How to Make a Papercraft (dress-up) Chibi

The Phantomhive Diaries #16: How to Make a Papercraft (dress-up) Chibi

I'm going to try to keep this as short aspossible, because, making chibis, as I mentioned inmy previous video, takes a very long time.

Takes around about an hour.

And I don't wantthis video to be an hour long For those of you who have not watched my papercraftchibi tutorial that I did.

Awhile ago.

Don't know how long ago.

But it's there.

I will put a link right.


Because that's what people tend to do, right? So as you know before, I made a papercraftchibi last time.

There are three.

probably more than three, but we're just goingto say three for now, three different types of papercraft chibis, This is my folder full of all the templates You have the common papercraft chibi, which I did last time.

It looks like this.

Yes this is Undertaker.

I finally found one of him.

They're typically found on Deviatart.

And speaking of Deviantart, I do have a Deviantart now so, link will bein the discription.

I also have an if you didn't know that too You can follow me on there.

So there's that traditional one, which is most common you see it everywhere.

And then you have.

Another common one, which I will not be doing today, but I've seen it a lot.

And it's probably one of the more simple ones.

I call it the box chibi because.

It's verybox-y This is an example.

This is Gaara from Naruto.

I might a tutorial of him because I have the template, and.

I might as well show you how to makeit.

And then the type of chibi which I got a requestto make, was the slightly more complicated one.

It looks like.


Obviously there are a lot more pieces to this, and it's.

Not my favorite type, I like the traditional one that you see everywhere.

I should name the types.

So First one that I showed, that's the 'traditional' as I say This one, as I mentioned, is the box chibi, And this one will be the.


Dress-up chibi.

It's call the 'dress-up' because you basically make the person.

In their underwear, usually.

And then you have like two costumes to choose from and you can, take off one and put on the other.

It's kind of strange.

But yes.

[this is the] female adventure time character.

Instead of Fin, it's Fiona.

If his name is Fin.

I have never AdventureTime, so.

I don't know it that's right, but, I recognize the backpack and the hat.

And you already know Raven from Teen Titans.

And then I have.

And then I have Mikasa from Attack on Titan.

I'll probably do this one because Attack onTitan is very famous.

And again, I have not watched that yet.

So, now I need to position the camera, And we'll get started.

Probably should have started off by sayingthis, but, this is not my design.

The author put their name right here.

[linkto creator is in the description] This one only really has one costume and alittle cape thing that you can add.

Pretty obvious what you need, and you canwatch my video if you want to know what all these things are, but you can probably just tell by lookingat them.

If you watched my previous chibi video, thenyou will know what I'll be doing first.

Because you do the exact same thing.

You find every single line and you use yourruler, and your knife, and you basically make a indentat the base.

The reason for this is so that you can foldit easier.

Pretty much all the lines that are like asolid line, you want to.

Draw a line on.

yeah pretty much.

Ok, now I'm done.


Finished with that, next is obviously to cutout everything.

And with this, everything is pretty self explanatory.

The little strands of hair are going to bequite a challenge.

Probably tear a few, but.

Hopefully it won't look too bad.

Well I just came back from having dinner, and now I will be.

Uh, putting all the pieceswe have cut out together.

So you don't need this anymore.

You can.

Throwthat away if you wish.

There is already a stand that they providewith the pattern.

So you don't need to worry about making oneyourself.

Like with the other one, you do the exactsame thing, and start folding.




and places that.

need to be folded.

I think that was everything.


We're going to start by making the stand.

That's what this thing is.


It's really easy.

You just bend the sides down, and put glue on these, and glue these together.

Like a little.



Half a box really.

Well there we go, there's the stand.

The first time I made one of these, I made a small mistake.

But I now know.

not to do what I am doing.


The numbers that are right here.

A1 and A2.

And then the A1 and A2 there.

You stick A1.

In to the slot that's meantfor it.

And then you stick A2.

In it's slot.

You can probably glue it together, glue thispart together, before you stick it in.

Oh well.

If you want to make sure it's very sturdy, you can put some glue.

fold this one down and fold this one on topof it.

And there.

See, here's the little stand.

What will happen is, once you make the costume the feet will go on this so it stands up.

So like the original papercraft chibi, you just slowly start sticking everythingtogether, and folding it where to it is supposed to be.

The difference with this is that the hands are just there for show, basically.

So you take the sides, and line [them] up, to the edges as best you can.

So that the top will reach the shoulder and the side will reach the hip.

Pretty easy so.

Go ahead and do that.

There we go, we have the body.



Shall give her clothes.

This is obviously the front of the clothes and this is the back.

So you do kind of what you did with that one and glue this.

these together.

or glue these pieces together.

I don't care about grammar.

There we go.

So now we are left with.

Where'd it go? Oh there it is.

The cape.

Do the exact same thing.

to the cape that you did with the other stuff.

put glue on the tabs and glue it on the front.

Or the back actually.

And she has a little cape.

You can press it down and fix it however you want it to be.

And now, we do the head.

If you're wondering where to start I usually just start at the side that's connected and just go around.

Seems easier for me.

And with this one you glue two of the tabs at a time.

So you put glue here, and the forward facing one.

Now you have completed the head.

And now, we will put together.

These two pieces and it's the same like the base.

You have the A and the B.



This time I will glue it together before I insert the tabs.

A goes into A.

And B goes into B.

And this one because the tabs don't touch, you have to put the glue on both of them if you want them to stay down.

Ok so, now that you have made this, you have no idea what it is.

This is the neck part that will be going under here.

This is the one thing I do not like about this type of chibi uh, because I always forget about it.

You do have to glue this neck part in before or while you are, um, gluing this section in.

Because it's rather tricky to get it in after the head is glued together.


I managed.

This should be the finished product.

You should have a weird thing sticking out here.

It will be the part that goes.

right in here.


And then you stick it on the stand.

It's always tricky getting it on there.

And there you go.


It's a little top heavy so you do have to be careful.

But as long as you don't touch it and arrange it right it should not fall over.

It will just be leaning slightly.

But this is the reason I don't like it.

If you are not going to like change the outfits a lot, then you can just put glue on here, slide this on and glue it all together and keep it standing.

Now for the part that I find slightly unnecessary so I'm going to make it optional.

I mean, you can do whatever you want with these.

The arms go on the back so that from all angles you cannot tell that it's made out of paper, I guess.

I'll do it just to show you how it works even though it kind of obvious; you just put glue on the hand.

Or arm actually.

stick this one on.

Arrange it so it fits and matches up.


And you do that with the others.

So these are for the hair, (as you might have been able to guess, seeing as these are identical) and you just glue it on the underneath part.

If you have another template that doesn't have all these little strands, or the character doesn't have all these little strands, then it'll be much easier to line it up.



It's not the best but I mean it's not horrible.

And now you add these on the inside there.

And there.

Last one is her bathing suit.

So there you go it's a little Mikasa chibi.

As I said before this is not my favorite and if you don't like it falling down and won't change the outfit, just glue it.

Or get a different stand.

Or something.

There are ways to fix it.

It also just depends on how uh, precisely you fold things.

The camera is rather high because I adjusted it, I'm to lazy to adjust it back down to how it was.

So that was how to make the little Mikasa chibi and I hope it was helpful.

um, as I mentioned before, I might be making uh, the Gaara box chibi that I showed in the beginning of the video.

And I will say it again because I guess you can't say it enough, this template was not mine all I did was make it so I was not responsible for any of the coloring or designing of the template.

As I also mentioned, I was told to make this, so if you want me to make any other little crafts like this, than just let me know.

I enjoy figuring out how to put things together because that's how I figured out how to do this; I just printed out the template and then everything strangely fell into place.

I'm very good at that for some reason.

It's strange.

But kind of handy.

So to the person who, uh, suggested me making that: thank you for telling me something to do.

And I don't remember your name, so apologies for that.


I hope this video helped you.


Here we are again at the awkward ending part.

I will just say, 'farewell' and I will see you in two weeks because as I mentioned, I will be posting every other Wednesday.

So keep that in mind and don't be confused if you don't see a video next week, because.

That would be the reason.


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