Thanksgiving Turkey Craft for Kids – Craft Time with Ashley

Thanksgiving Turkey Craft for Kids – Craft Time with Ashley

I've got a craft that's for you to do for Thanksgiving.

It's coming right up! This is La-La-Loopsy, my turkey.

Hi, my name is Ashley.

Welcome to Craft Time! Today, we're going to make a Thanksgiving Turkey.

Let me tell you what you need.

Glue, scissors, and all kinds of construction paper.

Brown strips, a brown good circle for the body, white circles for the eyes, black circles for the eyes, a triangle for the nose, a funny red thing, different colors of feathers, and two legs.

Let's get started to it! The first thing you need to do is put your brown strips on.

You can put as many brown strips as you want, or as little strips as you want.

After that's dry, we're going to put the eyes on.

So put some glue on the white circles.

And now we put the black eyes on.

Next step, we're going to glue it on here.

One eye, and now the other eye.

Next step, we're going to glue the nose on.

Turkeys actually have beaks.

Flip it over, and then glue it on.

Wow, that's looking good! And all that's left is the feathers and the feet.

So let's do the feet next.

The last step I'm going to do, is glue the feathers but, I cutted them, I cutted the most of them but I saved one to show you So, the first thing we do, we get our scissors, our magic, good scissors then we do that, without cutting it into the middle.

Just little snips on both sides.

There, finished.

Next, we're going to glue it on.

I'm just going to let it dry for a few minutes.

So this is what the turkey turned out like.

You can name your turkey as well.

I'm going to name mine, La-La-Loopsy.

My turkey says, 'Happy Thanksgiving!' I hope you liked my craft today.

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