Summer Craft Project Ideas

Summer Craft Project Ideas

– Hey guys.

So a little while ago I put up a video of 10graphic design projects you can do this summer tokeep yourself motivated.

And today I thought I wouldshare 10 more projects, only this time they're going to be DIY and crafting projects.

I don't think any ofthem are too advanced, and most of them use materials you probably alreadyhave around your house.

So I'd love to see photos if you decide to make any of them.

And let's get started.

Project number one, use old pages of homework and notes that you don't need anymore to make paper mache bowls, and then paint them your favorite color.

Project number two,illustrate and construct a pop-up book based on yourfavorite book in the world.

You can either do one scene or you can try to do the whole book, just depending on how ambitious you are, and how much you like the project.

Try out the you onlyneed $10 craft challenge.

Go to a craft store, or a hardware store, or a thrift store,whatever store you want, and only give yourself $10 to spend.

And then try to make something awesome using only what you bought and supplies that you already had.

We've done a couple of these challenges over on the HGTV Handmade Channel and they always turn out really fun.

Make Christmas a littlebit easier on yourself by getting a large roll ora pad of really big paper, and then draw and stamp or collage, or do whatever you want on it to make your own wrapping paper.

And then hang onto it for a few months and use it to wrap your Christmas gifts.

Project number five, pick any letter of the alphabet, and then look through old magazines and books and packaging,whatever you can find, and cut out the everyinstance of that letter that you like, and thencollage them all together in your notebook.

Use thumbtacks or nails and string to make an installationpiece on your wall.

Make it as clear or asabstract as you want.

Number seven, use clay or cardboard or whatever materials you have, and make miniature versionsof your favorite items from around your house.

Project number eight, use dowels and colored paper to make fun photo booth props.

Try to come up with thecraziest accessories you can think of, and then take some awesomephotos at your next party.

Number nine, pick your favorite quote from a book, a movie, whatever it is, and figure out a non-permanent way to display it in your room.

Whether that's illustratingyour own poster, painting it on a canvas, writing it with washi tape, it is all up to your imagination.

And finally, make your own photo series inspired by the ThingsOrganized Neatly Tumblr.

Look around you.

What can you organize to makefor a really cool photograph? And maybe you'll end upwith a slightly cleaner room in the process.

So, those were 10 funcraft ideas that you can do while you're bored out ofyour minds this summer.

Let me know in the comments if you think you're going to try any of them out, or if you have any other fun,crafty, summertime ideas.

And, as always, I wouldlove to see any photos of anything you makeinspired by any of my videos.

So, if you want a few moreideas for projects this summer you can watch the graphic design version of this video right here.

Or if you're interestedin how I make my DIY and crafting videos, I madea whole video about that.

You can watch it right here.

So thank you guys so much for watching, and I will see you all next time.

Bye everyone.

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