Star Wars BB-8 | DIY American Girl Doll Craft

Star Wars BB-8 | DIY American Girl Doll Craft

We want to give a shout out to funhamsters 31.

Thanks for the request and Just Craft It.

Start by making the body for BB-8.

If you don't have one round Styrofoam ball, glue two halves together.

This one is four and a halfinches and once I glue it together it rolls around.

So to make it stay straightI'm gonna press on the bottom as hard as I can and since its Styrofoam it'll puta little invention on the bottom to make it flat and that way it stays still.

Nowtake the printables from our blog, cut them out.

Cut little slits in them that way it'seasier to apply to the round surface of the Styrofoam ball and if you don't havesticky paper like this you can always use glue to apply it.

It'll just take alittle bit longer for the glue to set.

Press out any air bubbles that might beunderneath the printable and then apply all of the stickers to BB-8's body likethis.

Once you have BB-8's body complete youcan set it aside and now work on his head.

For the head we're using a halfStyrofoam ball which is three and a quarter inches and we're using theprintables for his head and again we're cutting slits in it so it fits perfectlyon the round surface and just apply the head stickers thesame as before pressing out any air bubbles.

And then these little stickersgo along the bottom of his head like this and then in the front you wannaleave room for his eyes.

Now for the eyes you want to use black buttons, beads or amarble and if you don't have black you can always take what you do have and color it black with a Sharpie.

Ithink a marble is the perfect shape and size for an eye on BB-8.

So wecolored the marble black and this is the big one up top and then we have a smaller one.

It'll go just right here.

Now I keep saying his but I think BB-8 is actually a femalegirl.

Now for BB-8's antenas, take two different size toothpicks and paint themwhite and then paint the longer one's tip black and then just stick them rightthrough the top.

Just like that.

And now the head is complete for BB-8.

To attach the head to the body just take a longer toothpick or chop stick or BBQ skewer, just stick it right through the body and stick it rightthrough the head exactly where you want it and if you want the head to movearound, don't glue it into place, but if you wantthe head to stay still be sure to glue it on the toothpick.

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