Snowman Knit Scarf (Link to Paper Craft Tutorial)

Snowman Knit Scarf (Link to Paper Craft Tutorial)

This video is part of a collaboration withKristina Werner, her YouTube channel is StarofMay.

and she and i together recently did a snowmanchristmas card.

and the snowman is wearing a little scarf.

and the little scarf becomes a bookmark afterchristmas is over and you can take this off and you have a bookmark.

this is a really simple project, easy to work.

it really is just using leftover sock yarn,3mm needles, i cast on five stitches, i worked every stitch in knit for ten inches, and thenbound off.

if you are brand new to knitting, even thoughthis is a really really simple project, this might not be an ideal first project for youbecause the gauge is so small.

but i'll give you links to casting on, knitting,and binding off in the video description below, if you do want to tackle this as a first project.

now the only part of this that might be alittle confusing is adding the fringe.

which i want to show you how to do in thisvideo.

um, let's go ahead and take a look.

here is my finished scarf that went on thesnowman, or it's ready to go on the snowman.

and here is a bulky sample, much shorter,where i'm going to show you how to do the fringe.

you want to put four double fringes on eachside.

and all you're going to do is cut a lengthof yarn.

if you have never watched one of my tutorialsbefore, this is how i do things.

even though this is knit in such a fine gauge,i always demonstrate in much bulkier samples so you can see what's going on.

you're going to thread the fringe, the lengthof yarn, like six inches long, through the tapestry needle, and leave it double likethis.

i'm going to put this through, from back toscarf, in one end of the scarf where i want the fringe.

and you see i've got it pulled through herewith the loop on one side and the two ends here.

just pull that through and tighten it.

go on to the next one.

fold it in half.

thread it through the tapestry needle.

this is pretty bulky yarn, but this needle'sbig.

and i'm going to put this one over here.

pull that through, and then with your handthrough the loop, grab the two ends, and tighten.

i'm going to cut both of my other fringeshere.

back to front.


this is a really easy way to add fringe toany scarf, doesn't have to be for a snowman! okay, so i have my four fringes attached.

and now all i want to do is give it a haircut.

and how long you leave it is up to you, butyou can always go shorter, right? not longer.

there's a cute fringe! now to really make this look nice, i am goingto heat up the iron, and have it set to steam.

and without pressing down, i'm going to blaststeam into this, and just shape it into – shape it straighter, like that.

and you'll see, here's my tiny example here.

again, this is half of a collaboration withmy friend Kristina, in a snowman card making project.

i'm going to give you a link here to her video,so you can go back and forth and see both halves.

good luck.

[whooshing sounds] [music].

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