Snowman craft with paper doilies

Snowman craft with paper doilies

Hi, this is Joelle Meijer.

I will show you who to create a snowman withpaper doilies.

To make a snowman with paper doilies, you need a large sheet of coloured cardboard as a support and paper doilies of differentsizes.

Use different colours of construction paperto create the different elements like the scarf, hat, cap, branches, mittens,eyes, mouth and nose.

Start with two doilies that make up the bodyand the head of the snowman.

Next, place the scarf.

Use strips of brown construction paper forthe branches.

Decorate the head by placing two large blackcircles for the eyes and an orange triangle for the nose.

Use circles of black construction paper torepresent the mouth and buttons on the body.

Place the hat on top of the head of the snowman.

Cut circles from the edge of doilies to createsnowflakes.

Put them randomly around the snowman.

When you are satisfied with your creation,glue everything in place with white glue.

If you do not like the hat, you can replaceit with a cap.

Or if you prefer, make ear muffs with someconstruction paper and a pipe cleaner.

You can also replace the tips of the brancheswith mittens.

As you can see, you have multiple optionsto achieve this nice project.

To access a free educational document thatcomplements this video, click on the link below this video.

Source: Youtube