sliceform – papercraft – kusudama – 31 great circles – tutorial – dutchpapergirl

sliceform – papercraft – kusudama – 31 great circles – tutorial – dutchpapergirl

Did you see that? Did you see all the 31 circles hidden in this sphere? On the above site you can find the pattern.

The ball get 60 small arches and 120 arches.

You make 30 'diamond' and 60 'pilots' A kite has a small and a big point.

A diamond has two equal points.

I printed the fold lines on my parts.

I fold the dotted line to the back, so you do not see when the ball is off.

I hope for you that you do not have to cut all parts by hand, like me.

It took me hours !!! If you've seen my video '15 great circles' then you know how to fold and stick.

You can then fast forward to 2:44 minutes.

The ball is ready.

I have drawn with red hexagons on.

I signed in blue pentagons.

With light, I have windows drawn.

Where a dot is a big point.

These are three diamonds! Here I have drawn 3 panes: 3 kites.

In the red hexagon are big points.

In the blue pentagon are minor points.

Each vijhoek is surrounded by five hexagons.

I made the first hexagon.

Here are the small dots of the three pilots.

Here are the major points of the three diamonds.

I'm going to speed up a bit, otherwise it takes the video uuuuuren !!! Here I have a hexagon (below) and made a pentagon (above).

I made a hexagon.

a pentagon.

and a hexagon.

Nearly the hemisphere is finished.

In the middle you see the hexagon surrounded by, alternately, pentagons and hexagons.

READY!!!!!!!! Thank you for watching! Subscribe if you liked it! Want another tutorial, please let me know !!!.

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