Simple Prayer Sticks Craft for Kids Teaches How to Pray | 2 Minute Tip

Simple Prayer Sticks Craft for Kids Teaches How to Pray | 2 Minute Tip

hey guys welcome to two minute tip Tuesday where I take two minutes to give you a tip for your family today's 2 minute tip is on how to make your own prayer sticks these are a tool to encourage your family to be in conversation with God and learn about the different ways to pray to God to make prayer sticks you are going to need some craft sticks they can be plain or multicolor some sharpies or markers and a container of some sort so let's get to making them.

For the four different types of prayer you are going to need to pick four different colors.

adoration is orange.

petition i did red.

intercession is blue.

thanksgiving is green.

you just kind of stick them in your jar.

you can use multicolored sticks or you can color them.

or you can make fun patterns really fun with your kids and you want to stick them in a jar the four types of Prayer are adoration which is praising God.

petition which is asking God for our own needs intercession which is asking God for the needs of others.

and thanksgiving is thanking God for our blessings and so prayer sticks encourage being in conversation with God on these four types of prayer.

you can use prayer sticks at your meal time or at bedtime and your child can and your children can pick which color they want to pray help that helped teach them the four different types of prayer and each family member can pick a different stick or they can pick one based on what they want to pray for that day and so this is just a tool that you can use to encourage more prayer in your family life.

i found this idea from buildfaith.

Org and i will post a link where to find that down below they have other great ideas you might be interested in if you liked this video and found it useful please give me a big thumbs up don't forget to share with your friends and subscribe I post new videos every Tuesday thanks for watching I hey guys my name is shawn welcome to.

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