San Valentin Pintar Tarjetas de Felicitaciones *Craft Projects* Scrapbook Ideas Pintura Facil

San Valentin Pintar Tarjetas de Felicitaciones *Craft Projects* Scrapbook Ideas Pintura Facil

Hello to all PinturaFacil's friends! Today I'm going to paint with watercolor this nice Valentine's Day or Mother Day card that goes so well because it is a heart with some roses and painted with this easy masking technique with watercolor that you'll love!! So stay with me!! For this project I'll need again a lightbox, if you don't have one you can use a glass table putting a light under it and placing on the design and the watercolor cardboard this way you'll trace the drawing using the liquid mask today I'm using a "creamy" mask and I'm going to apply it but as I want a delicate work I'm going to put a nozzle to obtain thin lines in the hole design it'll be more elegant draw all the lines all the design carefully without making mask "balls" so you can make line unions with a wooden stick once done, let it dry or strong enough to paint these are the colors I'll need to paint this card: dark blue, yellow light red and then dark and light green so I have the design well dry I put under the card some white paper because I'm going to paint until the edges and I don't want to stain the table I want to paint with freedom until the edges without problems so I'm going to make some blue gouache and the first thing to do will be dampen the background with clean water I just moisten it with a big brush to go fast is not necessary to soak it but just moisten it to obtain this effect I want so it is wet and I'll star apply the gouache on the background taking care of the design edges the leaves and flowers to don't paint them now I'll work the edges with a thinner brush and I'm going to apply also some darker gouache to create a kind of shadow to combine with last gouache you can see here the natural gradient color I'm always on time to add more color to darken it I'll start this side too this side is a little bit dry so I'll pass the brush with light gouache to moisten it this way the color mix together remember it's not necessary to even the colors the nice part of watercolor is to obtain all those colors in different parts and differentiated lighter areas, darker ones with spots.

that's nice this watercolor I'm adding here is very very light remember that when it dries it'll become lighter and I'm adding some shadows in this curls so when I'll take out the mask it'll look better it'll be this way let it dry very well, and you'll see mix the colors this part is too dark for me so I blur it this way mixing.

and then let it dry to continue with the roses and leaves so now we're going to mix some dark green watercolor and I'll apply it to all the leaves paint them at once you only have to take care of roses so paint only the leaves so be carefull with roses I'll take care of light and shadows later now just paint them with green and I'm applying a dark green gouache, that is very light later, I'll work light areas and some dark areas too I'll use light green to make the light and the shadows with more dark green gouache now I'm going to apply some light green to put some light as you see I'm not paint the hole leaf but I only decide where to put the light and that's where I paint with light green and now just apply some dark green to make shadows.

you can also make some light retouches as the gouache is wet, I'll retouch with light green to make it brighter some more dark green and that's it! let's start with roses using red watercolor light red i'll paint first all the roses with red without thinking of petals or anything just paint a base with light red watercolor and then I'll paint the details now, using yellow I'll paint the light areas in each petal and now using red I'll paint shadows mixing with yellow this is a nice work that you can do as playing it's really fun and it's like coloring maybe I can put more yellow and mix with the red they mix together and make a kind of orange work it this way it's really nice to do I'm going to continue with the others adding some red and yellow areas so now the watercolor work is done and I'll let it dry and then I'm going to take out the watercolor mask now that is dry I'll just rub the mask to take it out it goes very fast and easy and then you have this kind of rubber It is really fast as you lift somewhere it goes out quickly Really easy don't forget the pistils and that's the way to take out all the liquid mask now that the card is ready I only need to flatten it to start writing down I hope you enjoy painting with me this nice Valentine's Day card or Mother's day card with this nice heart shape remember to subscribe to our channel for more videos like this one and click us a "Like" to know you liked.

see you soon!! :).

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