RV Craft Storage Ideas – A Ribetting Video

RV Craft Storage Ideas – A Ribetting Video

Hi guys, its Cindy Lietz, your Polymer ClayTutor, and we are just north of Olympia at the Nisqually National Wildlife Reserve… I just had to get that right, and we weregoing to be meeting some members here, but unfortunately they were unable to meet us,so what we've done is taken a little walk, had some lunch, and I'm gonna show you into…show you a couple things in the trailer for storage ideas.

This is a beautiful, beautiful park, theyhave set it aside to protect wildlife, and it's just stunning, there's all sorts of wildlifeand beautiful swampy areas and stuff, it's just stunning.

So let's go into the trailer and I'll showyou what we've got.

Before we head home, we thought we would makesure to show you some of the way we've got everything setup here.

First of all I wanted to show you, we hungWillow's beautiful spoon, it goes so nicely in the trailer; we wanted everybody to beable to see it when they visited us.

Also, Doug built this really great… wellhe didn't build the cabinet itself but he figured out a way to keep this cabinet niceand stable.

While we're travelling, I can't have my suppliessliding all over the place, and they’re…so what we did is he hooked it up… so thathe put some bungee cords in here, and I'll just unhook them now, we turned it aroundso that the drawers were facing the opposite way, that way the drawers couldn't open whilewe were driving.

And then if we roll it around, you can seethat I have a whole case just absolutely packed, probably next time I will pack a little less,I didn't end up needing as much as stuff as I brought.

But I'll just kinda go through what I didbring along this time, the first drawer has a lot of scrapbooking supplies and thingsin there.

Each trip I wanna do a scrapbook… or I'llstart one big scrapbook and then I'll put the different trips in there, and I was hopingto do that while on the road but I ended up not doing it yet, but that's one thing I'lldo before we head out next time.

This drawer has a bunch of rubber stamps,scissors, other sort of supplies and things in here.

This drawer has alcohol inks, it has someother types of inks, StazOn inks, some cutters, even some Gilders paste, my favorite.

I have all my jewelry tools in here, my cutters,pliers, I also have some sand paper, my special hammer.

I have an Ott light that I brought along whichis just perfect for getting the right lighting if you're doing color mixing and that kindof thing, and it's portable.

And I have some little jars of scrapbookingsupplies and beads and things.

In here, I have some paper, my new Katie Hackbook from Katie Hacker, I'll have to show that to you sometime, I've also got, my Kumihimostuff in there as well.

In here I have my pasta machine and a wholebunch of clay, it was amazing how much clay I could get into a small container like thisinside here.

And in the bottom one, I have my die cutter,believe it or not and a bunch of dies, and that I may or may not bring next time, depending,it's kinda heavy, and I probably I won't be doing a lot of die cutting, but I figuredI might be making some tags and things.

So I really hope you enjoyed coming alongon this trip, it has really been an adventure.

We've really had a great time, we've seensome beautiful views, we've met some really wonderful people and we're super excited aboutdoing this some more, I think we're all very addicted.

We learned a few things, I’ll have to writesome posts about that, ‘cause there's some things we won't do exactly the same next time,but we just really, really had a great time, and nothing went wrong so that was all good,and what else? I'm just… I’m really looking forward to the next tripand getting to see you on the next PCT Road Trip.

So we'll see you next time and bye for now.

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