Rub-on transfers – Papercraft Basics

Rub-on transfers – Papercraft Basics

Rub-ons are transfer designs and greetingsthat can be used for card making.

You can apply them to many materials suchas paper, card, chipboard and even ribbons! I'm going to show you how easy rub-ons areto use to make a gorgeous birthday card.

Must rub-ons come with a plastic tool or woodenstick that can be used to rub over the front of the transfer design.

If your rub-ons don't come with a tool then you can just use a wooden lollypop stick.

Now I really like this pink cupcake design, so I'm going to use it to make a birthday card.

Remove the transfer from the packaging alongwith the stick supplied, then peel the rub-on sheet away from the waxy backing paper.

You can see looking at the sheet that the back looks dull and it's this side that willtransfer onto the paper.

Carefully position the design centrally overyour paper, keep the sheet in place with one hand and using the wooden stick rub over thedesign with a moderate amount of pressure.

When you have rubbed over the entire design,carefully peel away the sheet to check that the entire design has transfered.

Don't worry if it hasn't.

Keeping the sheet in the same place meansthat you can just rub over any missing areas.

As you can see the cupcake design has transferredperfectly onto the piece of card.

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