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Rey Doll Costume | DIY American Girl Doll Crafts | Doll Costumes

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Start by taking an old long-sleeved shirtor sweater, anything in the khaki family will really work for Rey's costume.

So we foundthis old sweater in the closet and it is khaki.

So what we are going to do is we are goingto use the sleeves of it.

So just cut the sleeves off and then you are going to cutright down the sleeve but not cutting it all the way through.

Okay, because we do wantit to hang around the back of her neck, so it hangs down and crisscrosses in the front.

So see how it can go over around the back of her neck, but then the back is still attachedso we are just going to cut through the sleeve in a second spot.

Now we are using a toddlersize shirt, so if you have a larger shirt you can actually cut it into two strips andhave it completely crisscross in the front like we are doing and completely crisscrossin the very back like Rey's real costume.

Now, so far, your sleeve should look likethis.

Go ahead and cut the little cuffs off at the bottom.

You are going to use thoselater for her arm bands.

See, you will just open them up and stick them right over thedolls arms.

Now for Rey's belt, we are using scrap fabric that we have on hand.

This isactually vinyl that we used in our diner booths.

So we are going to cut a long strip for herbelt and then a shorter strip for her bracelet.

Now you do not have to use vinyl, just usewhat you have on hand, maybe an old sock or a doll belt will even work.

For Rey's Staffwe are going to use the same method that we used for the Harry Potter Wands.

So you needat least a 20-inch dowel.

I would say between 18 to 24 inches would be the perfect lengthfor her Staff.

And then , just to make all the designs on the dowel we are going to usehot glue.

So carefully and slowly make the designs with the hot glue.

We are going toput a little bit on each end just to kinda round the ends.

And then we are just goingto do some shapes throughout the whole staff.

And look at pictures of Rey's staff onlineto get inspiration for where you want to put the hot glue on the dowel.

Once it is completelydry, it will have all these cool bumps on them just like this and so now what you needto do is completely paint it black.

And then we are going to add some extra detail andwe are going to take this twine and we are just going to wrap it around, not the verycenter, but close to the center.

That way she can still hold it in the middle and thereis nothing there.

So we did this in two places to make it even on both sides.

And then takeanother scrap piece of the vinyl or fabric that you have on hand, and this is the strapfor the Staff.

So she can wear it across her back when she doesn't want to hold it.

Andit looks really good in pictures that way too.

Now, here is our model Lea Clark andshe is going to dress up like Rey.

So as you can see, she is in her hiking outfit, so theundergarments are not that big of a deal.

Because you are gonna cover up most of theshirt anyways, so a white or khaki or even a brown shirt would be perfect.

And then youare going to wrap around the sleeve of the shirt right around the back of her neck andthen crisscross it in the front.

Now take her belt, tie it around her waist and thenyou can adjust the sleeve so the crisscross is in the right spot and it is covering upany design that might be on the shirt.

And again, if you are working with more fabricthan what we are showing, you can always have it completely crisscross in the back too.

Now, for her armbands that go up her arms, we're just using the cuffs of the sleeve thatwe cut off and we are sticking it up over her arms.

You can always use scrap fabricand just wrap it around her arms and tuck it into place.

And then for her little bracelet,just that piece of scrap vinyl wrap it around her wrist and tuck it in.

Rey's hair styleis very simple, so brush out your dolls hair.

Maybe leave a few strands in the front onboth sides of the doll's face and then pull up a third of her hair in the back.

Brushit smooth.

Take an elastic, pull the ponytail through completely the first time, but onthe second time don't pull it through all the way so it is a loop.

Repeat this two moretimes with a middle section and the bottom section.

And now your doll has the Rey hairstyle.

Cute! So here is Lea — Rey, now add the staff, she can hold it in front or you can placeit over her head and she can wear it across her back.

You can also add a Lightsaber fromour Lightsaber video.

And of course, add BB-8.

So adorable! So for all of you who asked howwe made Grace look like Rey and how we did her costume and her staff, this is how.

Supereasy and thank you for all of the requests.

This is perfect for a Halloween costume foryour dolls or even if they just want to play dress up.

Give us a thumbs up and may theForce be with you.

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