Punching Shapes – Papercraft Basics

Punching Shapes – Papercraft Basics

Punches are a useful way to quickly and accuratelycut multiple shapes from paper and card.

There are many types of punches availableincluding; handheld punches, squeeze punches, lever punches and push button punches.

You can even get push button punches like this one, that are attached with magnets allowingyou to punch anywhere on a piece of paper.

I have a basic lever punch here and I'm goingto demonstrate a simple trick for punching shapes.

I'm going to cut one of the circles from patterned paper using the scallop circle punch.

The problem is that as you can see the punch completely obscures the cutting area.

The trick is to turn the punch upside down and use the clear base as a window to seewhere you're cutting.

So I'm just lining up the patterned circlenow, once it's in position push down the lever to punch out the shape.

And there you have a punched scallop circle with the design positioned exactly where you want it.

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