Papercraft: Tissue Paper Flower Pompoms

Papercraft: Tissue Paper Flower Pompoms

[Music]Papercraft Tissue Paper Pompoms.

These gorgeous paper flower pompoms are theideal choice for decorations at parties and weddings.

They can be suspended from ceilings,tree branches, or used as table centerpieces and are incredibly simple to make.

All you�ll need to make one flower is eight sheets of rectangular coloured tissue paper,some scissors, a ruler, some thin wire (such as floral wire) and some thread to hang themwith.

You can make smaller versions by cutting one sheet of tissue paper into eight pieces.

Fold the sheet in half, in half again, in half once more and then cut along the folds.

With the eight sheets in a neat stack, start at a short end and make concertina folds atintervals of about half an inch or an inch (or 1 to 2.

5cm), depending on the size ofthe design you are making.

Crease each fold really well as you go.

Bind the center of the strip by bending a length of wire in half and twisting firmlyaround the paper.

Form a loop with the wire and tuck the ends in so they don�t stickout.

Cut the ends of the tissue paper strip ina pointed or curved shape, depending on the effect you wish to create.

Use your fingertips to tease out the folds of tissue, one at a time, working towardsthe center to form a ball shape.

Tie thread to the wire loop, for hanging.

Beautiful! They look especially good hung outside on sunny days or over the table ata dinner party.

Try hanging them up with invisible thread for a really impressive display.

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