Papercraft hot air balloon tutorial with free pattern by Lisa Pay

Papercraft hot air balloon tutorial with free pattern by Lisa Pay

(distant animal sounds) G'day, welcome to Pay it Forward! Today I'm going to beshowing you how to make this little scrapbooking hot air balloon.

This is a fantastic projectfor children's parties, perhaps a mobile for a baby's room.

If you would like to makethis one along with me, simply click on the linkin the description below, you'll be able to downloadyour free pattern templates.

And we can get started! So first of all let meshow you a few things you'll need before we start.

First up, you'll needto cut 10 of the little balloon top pieces froma folded piece of card.

I'll show you the way that I do that, is this is your template thatyou would have downloaded.

And I folded my piece of card already.

And I've just popped thatone along the crease.

Trace around it with your fine marker and then cut that one out.

And you can see that we need those to be folded for construction anyway, so that just saves us a job.

So you need to cut out 10, and any kind of coordinating, you can use prints orplains, whatever you like.

I'm using plains today obviously.

So 10 of those, and then our next pieceis our basket piece.

Now I've already glued on my two little hearts there.

They're just cut out ofjust a contrasting card.

And I've just, cut that out very carefully, and we'll construct that one.

You'll also need, a length of braided cordor something like that, any kind of twine, to hang from the top of your little balloon.

You'll need four lengths of just, I'm using a cotton twine here.

We're going to be trimming that to size, so just four decent lengths of that one.

You'll also need some, a gluestick I'm using, somesharp scissors obviously, double-sided tape for putting together our little basket, and a standard hole punch, and also something like an awl, or perhaps you have alittle tiny hole punch.

Anything like that, alittle knitting needle, will be fine to make those little holes for this twine to pass through.

Also I find that having a ruler on hand is good because it helps us with folding.

So, first up, we need to, as I already have here, glue on with our gluestick,our two little hearts.

I've designed it this way so that when we put our little holes inthere with our hole punch it's a much strongerholding surface there.

So now that our little heart sections are a little bit dry there I've been able to punch with my hole punch.

Just a standard hole punch there, you can see the top of each, just pop a little hole through there.

Now our next step is to fold up our little basket template.

You'll be able to see, that there's some veryclear folding marks.

I just find that if you use a ruler, and you can fold from edge to edge, so we fold in the bottomside flaps, either side.

You can see there, lay them flat again.

Also, you can see this fold here, up to its point there, on all four sides.

You can see that I've done those.

And then the final folds are just across.

And we fold those two ends up.

So we've ended up with a nice little 3D little basket.

Now here's where I usemy double-sided tape, because we're going to be folding in, our little flaps like this.

You could use glue, of course, but I just find that the tape is quicker, it's less messy, and it's quite invisible.

So you can do one at a time, and it's just a matterof just adding your tape to each of your side pieces there.

And we want this basket to have a little slant outwards,so we're not going to situate that straight,we're actually going to press that down on just a tinylittle bit of an angle there.

If you do it one sideat a time, you'll find you'll be able to then match up, on the opposite side of your little basket there.

So tape all of those four.

Here's our little basket, all nicely taped together andthat's quite strong there.

At this stage, if you wanted to embellish this in any way, now wouldbe the time to do that.

You could add any kind oflittle decoration there.

You could also add some little, make some little rolled ropes, perhaps, to hot glue on the side.

And some buttons, jewels,anything that you like depending on what you're using it for.

But from here, we're just going to now add our little holding strings.

So we just take our length of twine there, fold it in the middle, and we go through the front of the heart first on each hole.

Open up that loop, and takethose two ends through.

That will give us a nicelittle anchor point.

We do that with each piece, on each hole.

So that's our little basketall set up and ready to go.

We can pop that one aside now, while we make our actual balloon top.

This process is pretty simple, because you've alreadygot your folded pieces.

We're just going to add, a nice generous amount of gluestick to just one of those sides on that fold.

Make sure we get right up into the corners and the edges.

And then we just add our subsequent pieces, line them up on the fold, make sure that they're really pressed down and sealed well.

Because of the way that it's made, it's really easy to keep them all together and line them all up.

So you'll just continue to add piece by piece, untilyou've got a little stack of all of your 10 balloon pieces.

So that's our finished stack.

You can see there, they're all glued and I've just had those popped in between a press just for a little while, just something heavy tokeep them all together while that dries for a little while.

Our next step is to open that one out.

And you can see how your little balloon is going to look with those all out, so, obviously we're going to gluethose last two together to create that finished circle.

Before we do that though, I'm going to add our little center string to hang that one, so, depending on what you're using this for, I'm really making this one up just as like a little party favor.

So I don't need it to bereally strong or permanent, so I'm just going to add this little bit with some hot glue there, right down the center there.

And you can have that hanging piece as long as you like.

Depending on where you're going to be hanging that one from.

I'm just going to pop that one in there, and that's going to benicely hidden and secure for when we close up, the final two.

Just let that one dry for a moment.

Once that hot glue is dry, you can see that one's holding there nicely, I can do my final, glue those two edges together.

And that will completeour little balloon circle.

And it's just a matter of clamping that one closed, pressing it down again, and I will pop that one under something heavy for a while, justwhile all those layers dry.

So there you can see I've glued those final two pieces together, and we have our little segmented balloon there.

So, once that's alldone, flip that one over.

If you have a look at the base there, you'll be able to see, that I have made a hole, just with my awl, ready to pass my little strings through.

But I've made only fourholes, to match up.

You can see that I have left two, and made the hole in these two.

And then I have two, and the same on the other side.

So you can see, I've got two segments here and these two have holes.

I have two segments here,these two have holes, and then two segments here.

So just make a little hole through there on each of those.

Now, so you can see that our next step and now that our littleholes have been made, it's just a matter of takingthose little thread ends taking them through the little hole, and knotting that little one off, so that it won't fall through.

Depending on the size of your hole and the size of your thread, you may wish to add a little drop or two of hot glue there, tohold that knot in place.

But there's very littleweight going in this one so that won't really matter, but if you're going tofill that little one with some little treats or so on, you may want to just addthat little bit of glue, just for reinforcement.

So the distance between thetop of the heart to here is about six centimeters,I find looks about the, about the right proportions.

So you can go around, and add each little string.

Just make sure, as you go, that you're keeping themall to the same length.

And there we have ourlittle hot air balloon, all rigged up nicelywith its little ropes.

I've just popped a littlebit of weight in there.

If you had little partyfavors or lollies in there that would hold that nicely.

Perhaps you could make it as a mobile for a child's room,brightly colored as I have or perhaps for a littlegirl's room some lovely shabby rose pinks would be nice.

You could also substitutethat little folded box for a little purchasedlittle wicker basket, which you could attach in the same way, and you could make that quite a permanent little home decor product.

But I think they're lovely.

Well I hope you've enjoyed making this one along with me today, it really is a fun and colorful project and one that could be really useful for your kids' party, so I hope you've enjoyed that.

If you have, you could givethis video a thumbs up, that would be beaut! In the meantime, remember to subscribe so you don't miss any of the upcoming scrapbooking projects I have coming up.

Most of all, of course,remember to pay it forward because everybody can, and until our next project together, it's hoo-roo from me.

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