Papercraft Basics: What you’ll need to begin card making

Papercraft Basics: What you’ll need to begin card making

If you're thinking about card makingwhether it's as a hobby or a career, then you'll need just a few essentialitems in your craft kit.

When it comes craft tools, there are so many available that the choice can be a little overwhelming.

The great thing about card making is that you can get started with just a few essentials.

Card and paper can be easily purchased from your local craft shop or even supermarket.

You can buy premade card blanks or make them yourself.

Patterned papers can be layered to yourcards to create pretty designs.

And you'll probably find you'll build up a stash of papers quickly, as some of the patterns are irresistible.

You'll find free papers in every issue ofPapercraft Inspirations.

And if you run out, then you can download more of your favourite patterns for free from our blog.

There are so many options when it comes to adhesives, double-sided tape and PVA glue are the basic adhesives you'll need.

A clue stick and sticky pads are very handy as well.

A sharp pair of scissors is a useful tool for card making.

Scissors with a small sharp point are handy for cutting out intricate shapes and decoupage designs.

A craft knife and metal ruler are used to cut straight lines in paper and card.

You'll also need a self-healing cutting mat like this when using a craft knife, as it will protect your work surface.

If may sound obvious, but a pencil and rubber are useful for marking out cutting lines and drawing around templates.

Use the pencil lightly so that the faint lines are easy to rub away.

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