Paper Water Bomb!

Paper Water Bomb!

What's up, everybody.

Safety is the number 1 priority.

For this experiment, we're gonna make a paper water bomb.

All you need is a square piece of paper and I'm gonna show you how to fold a paper water bomb.

So first, fold it in half, like this, then open it and fold it in half like this.

Make sure all of your creases are similar, Then turn it over and fold it in half, like that.

Then, once you open it, you see how it's folding almost by itself, just bring these two corners together and close it.


You know, make it tight over here.

Yeah, that's what she said.

Now, fold these flaps- all four of them, on top.



They don't have to be too precise, but do as tight as you can, you know what I mean? All four of them, like this.

So, next you're gonna fold these pieces, right here, in the middle.

Turn it over, do the same thing here.

Every corner should look similar.

Then, on this side, we got four pieces, right here.

One, two, three four.

This side is, like, solid.

We're gonna grab it and fold it like that.

Do you see we want that corner out, all four of them, again.

Hope you guys are following, I hope it's not too fast.

I'm sorry if it's too fast, but you can pause it and catch up with me, you know? So, pause the video, fold each fold, and catch up with me.

Ok, you got it like that.

Then, fold this piece into here.

All flaps, like that.

And now, you have, like, all the pieces like that are folded.

So, you have pockets right here.

You're gonna open it, stick it in.

Same again, with all four of them.

Open it, stick it in.

Make it tight.

Same thing here.

As you can see, this flap was right here, open it, stick it in the pocket, just like that.

Pretty easy, huh? And we're done! Now, you're gonna have a hole over here.

You're just going to blow in there.

And we got a water bomb.

All you're gonna need is to fill it up with water right here, put it into your hand and throw it at somebody.

But be careful, make a smaller one, because it might hurt.

So, let me know what you think in the comments below about this water bomb.

Very cool stuff, be safe, don't hurt anybody too much, and check out my next experiment.

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