Paper Mache Skeleton Hand!! + Giveaway!! [CLOSED]

Paper Mache Skeleton Hand!! + Giveaway!! [CLOSED]

We're working with paper mache today It's going to get a little messy but despite the messiness final project is actually going to look pretty cool! High five!! Hey guys! Ray Pajar from Get Crafty Crafty and to day we're goingt o be working with paper mache.

This is actually going to be the first time that I've worked with paper mache with you guys! and using a few house hold items we're going to create this really cool decomposing skeleton arm! Just in time for Halloween you can either use this as a table decoration or depending on what your costume is you can use this for part of your costume.

Lets go ahead and get started todays project! The items that you'll need for todays project include: wooden chopsticks, packaging twine or string, a hot glue gun and some hot glue, a variety of acrylic paint, some brown paper bags, used drier sheets, pliers, butcher paper or news paper.

For your paper mache you're going to need: your disposable bowl, glue, water, and a small amount of flower.

First you want to take your chopsticks and for each finger you're going to create a marker for where the knuckle meets on your finger.

You're going to take your marker and where ever your knuckle bends you're just going to create a small little marker and then continue to do that for each finger.

As you continue to create the chopstick for each finger you want to also label each finger at the end of the chopstick so you know which finger belongs where on your hand.

After you've marked off each joint in your chopstick finger you're going to carefully take your pliers and you're going to bend each joint.

You want to be careful and not break the chopstick just because you want to just bend it so that it's still connected to your finger.

Do this to each little part of the joint and continue to do this to all five of your fingers.

To shape and give your skeleton hand a little bit more character you want to make sure that some fingers are a little bit more curved compared to the others.

This will give that cool little claw look for your skeleton hand.

compared to the four other fingers in your hand your thumb is going to be a little different just because it has less bendable parts for the chopstick.

What going to happen is you're actually going to use the thumb to connect it to the four other parts of your hand and it will act as your base.

For this last part where the other joint would be you're going to actually cut it, and bend it a little different compared to the rest of your thumb just so that it's a place for your hand to actually connect to to the rest of your fingers.

To shape and create the joint for your finger you're going to take your hot glue gun and you're going to apply a small amount of hot glue on each bend of your finger.

This will create the knuckle parts of your fingers and your joints and then you want to shape it and let it cool before moving onto the next step Continue to do this on all of your fingers After the hot glue joints have dried on each finger you're going to take your twine and you're going to create the fleshy parts for your finger.

Take the twine, wrap it around each finger, and when you get to your joint part you're just going to create a little bump right over the hot glue so that it actually looks like a little joint and your finger.

Continue to do this to all of your fingers until you've cover each one in your twine.

It's going to take some time to wrap all of your fingers in twine but this will actually help you have a really strong hand and if you're going to use this as a prop it'll definitely make it a lot more durable for your project.

After you've wrapped all of your skeleton fingers with your twine you're going to start attaching them together and arrange them so that they start to look like the skeleton of your hand! Take your middle finger and your pointer finger and you're going to attach your hot glue to attach them together.

After you middle and your pointer finger have dried together you're going to then attach your ring finger followed by your pinky.

After those two fingers have been attached you're then going to hot glue your thumb on to the base to create your skeleton hand.

After you've put your hand together you could either move on to the next step or as an optional part of this project you can create the pieces to create the arm of your hand.

To create the arm pieces for you hand for you're going to take two chopsticks and you're going to tightly roll it onto a piece of butcher paper to create the bones for your arm.

Using hot glue make sure that the chopstick are glued inside and held in place.

For this project you could use two of your chopstick bones to create the arm for your skeleton hand if you want a bigger piece but for this project I'm just going to take that one piece fold it in half and create a broken bone so that it look a little bit more creepy when it's all put together.

Use hot glue to attach your pieces together.

Something that I forgot to mention in the item list you're going to also need some masking tape for this project.

Once everything has been attached onto your hand, you're going to use masking tape to create the fleshy connections onto your finger to make it look a little bit more like a hand.

You want to attach it in between your fingers and around your bones so that everything is held together.

After you've applied your layer of masking tape onto your hand to make it a little bit more fleshy you can use bits and pieces of butcher paper or scratch paper and attach it onto you hand to give it a little bit more definition and a little bit more of a fleshy feel for your hand.

Apply it through out the piece and continue to cover it with masking tape.

Once you've applied all the masking tape onto your hand it's time to move on to the messy part of this project and we're going to create our paper mache.

In your mixing bowel you're going to create a mixture that has 2/3 glue and about 1/3 of water.

Combine all this together to create you paper mache.

Once everything has been mixed together in your paper mache you're going to cut strips of paper from your brown paper bag and let it soak inside your paper mache.

Carefully take pieces of your paper mache and carefully start wrapping your hand with paper mache.

It's going to be a little hard to get on at first, but once the pieces start to dry you'll actually start to create the base and the structure of your skeleton hand Continue to do this until your hand has been covered with your paper mache.

When you're applying your paper mache onto your skeleton hand you really want to focus on getting the paper mache and the paper onto the fingers really tightly so that they actually look like fingers.

To all a little bit of texture onto your project you can use a small amount of flour and brush it onto your paper mache to both harden it and give it a little bit more detail when you're putting your piece together.

Another pro tip for this project to add a both strength and texture on to your skeleton hand you can use used drier sheets cut them up into strips and apply them over your paper mache to both give a nice texture onto your hand and to also strengthen it because of its fibery structure it'll actually strengthen your paper mache.

Continue to use these techniques and cover up your skeleton hand It's going to take about a day for your skeleton hand to dry up but I made this one about a day ago just so that I could show you guys what the finished project would look like.

The last part of this project is to actually paint your hand to make it look like it's been decomposing.

I'm going to use a combination of brown, black gray and white to paint the hand.

I usually start off with a base color of black where I know all the sharper details are going to go to add a little bit of shading onto this project I'm going to use a little bit of gray paint and paint around the black areas with the gray paint to create a shading effect.

After applying my gray and black I'm then going to use some brown paint to shade and fill in the rest of the hand.

To add a little bit more texture and some really cool detail onto your hand I'm going to apply a small amount of flour onto the hand and i'm going to paint the flour into the hand to create more detail.

When you're working with your paper mache it's actually going to take a good amount of time for all of your pieces to get put together dry up and look like a really convincing skeleton hand.

Thats why for this project I ended up making three different skeleton hands just so that I could show you guys all the different parts of this project.

But hopefully with the techniques that I showed you with the drier sheets, the flour and the paper mache you guys we're able to create a really cool skeleton that looks like t's been decomposing for a while.

It's been a while since I've done a giveaway and as I was putting this project together I came across my Harry Potter Elder Wand which if you guys haven't seen this yet make sure to check out our Harry Potter Tutorial right up here and this is a cool project that I made a while back but I never actually figured out what I was going to do with it.

So as a fun little giveaway I'm going to give this to one of you guys.

All you have to do is subscribe to the channel, like this video and in the comments section below let me know what you guys are going to be for Halloween.

If you guys are participating in this giveaway make sure you have the permission of your parents and check out all the cool little descriptions and the details of this giveaway in the description below.

Other than that make sure you check out our last two videos which were the Pumpkin Spice Cinnamon Rolls and our color changing galaxy goo! If you guys do make this project make sure you share it with me either on my Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using the #GetCraftyCrafty hashtag.

Other than that good luck with this fun little giveaway I'm going to choose a winner in about a week or so and it's going to be announced in a future video.

Hopefully you guys had fun making this project, I'm rambling again, I'll see you guys next time take care and stay crafty!!.

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