Paper Mache Pig

Paper Mache Pig

Hi, I'm Jonni.

I'm your host at UltimatePaperMache.

Com and today in this episode I want to introduce you to the fourth project that's going to be in my upcoming paper mache book called "Make Animal Sculptures with Paper Mache Clay.

" As you see, we've got a very nice little piggy The spots were taken from a KuneKune miniature pig I just love those spots.

The pig project is just a little bit more complicated than the projects that we've done before you may think that the hard part is making these legs.

it does have four legs and he does need to stand up on the table quite nicely,0:01:01.


619but by this time you've already done the penguine, and you already know how the legs are attached, so that's not a problem you also because you have done the fish it's which is the second project in the book you already basically know how to make the ears because the fish's fins are made exactly the same way.

The difficult part, the challenge is the face We do want piggy to have a nice face, we want it to be fairly realistic and have nice eyes.

and I'm very excited about the fact that I've discovered a very simple way to explain how to shape the armature so that when it comes time to add the clay.

you already have the exact spot where you know the eyes are going to go.

That's a difficult part figuring out where do I put those eyes?.

The major planes of the face are already inbuilt because you'll have put the padding on the pattern in just the right order so you'll have nice cheeks and his smile will already be built-in before you ever add the clay and, of course you have that cute little nose.

and then, once you have the armature built, you just add your clay, as you always do.

Make it nice and smooth since pigs don't have much hair kind of like people in that way.

Then paint him.

And I'll show you how I use glazes to get the almost translucent look on his pink skin, rather than just painting him pink.

That works just fine, but I like the way the glaze makes it seem like you're seeing pink through the skin which is really the way you really see a pig in real life.

So, there you go – that is project number four.

As you can see it's a little bit morechallenging and tomorrow we're going to work up to a begging dachshund.

The challenges with that dachshund will be getting him into a position that is a bit more dynamic and give him some twists and turns.

I'll show you that in the next episode.

Thanks – i'll see you then.

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