Paper Flowers DIY with Robert Mahar | Kin Community

Paper Flowers DIY with Robert Mahar | Kin Community

Hi Guys, it's Robert.

  So with the winterholidays behind us, I know it feels like spring cannot get here soon enough.

 So I thoughtfor today's DIY we would get a jump start on Mother Nature and make some flowers.

  Butnot just any flowers—giant paper flowers.

  So let's get started.

 I love this project because the primary material is simple, inexpensive, colorful constructionpaper.

  So the first thing we will need to do is to create a template for our petals,and the way we will do that is by taking a piece of card stock, tracing a bowl, or asmall plate to create the upper rounded portion of the petal, and then take a ruler to createthe sides, tapering it slightly at the bottom.

   For each flower, you are going to want to repeatthe shape in three different sizes.

The next thing we will need to do is to traceand cut out our petals.

  But to prevent you from having  to cut out each one individually,we are going to stack two to three sheets together at a time, trace the template onthe top one, clip the stack together, and then cut it out.

  The clips will preventthe paper from shifting around while you cut.

  For the flower I'm creating today, we are goingto need five large petals, three medium, and three small.

  Once your petals are completelycut out, stack them according to size, and then we are going to cut a slit in the centerof the tapered bottom.

  This is going to allow us to create petals that are three dimensional.

  Beginwith the largest petals, and if you take the paper on either side of the cut, and gentlyoverlap it, you will see that the petal begins to sit up.

  Now the large petals createthe exterior of the flower, and we want them to be fairly open, so we are just going tooverlap them gently and then staple them in place.

  Go ahead and do this for all fiveof the large petals.

Next we will move on to the medium size.

  Wewant these to stand up a little bit taller, so overlap the two sides of that cut a littlebit more and staple those in place.

  And then for the smallest size, we want theseto stand up the tallest of all, so overlap those two sides even more and then staplethem together.

  Now we are going to begin to construct the flower and we'll move backto the large size petals.

  We are going to connect these by gluing them at the base,overlapping each one slightly.

  I'm going to be using hot glue, because it dries quicklyand will speed up construction.

  Once all of the large petals are connected at the base,you will see we have formed a little bit of a cup shape.

   Next move on to the mediumsize, apply glue on the underside, press it down into the interior of the cup shape, andoverlap each one slightly to create our second ring of petals.

  And then for the smallestsize, do the same thing: apply glue on the underside, place them down into the center,overlapping each one slightly.

Finally, we are ready to create the centeror the stamen of the flower and the way we are going to do this is by taking a sheetof paper, cutting it in half lengthwise, and then taking each of those pieces and foldingthem in half lengthwise.

  Next we will take a pair of scissors and create a series ofcuts down the entire length of the fold.

  You can use a regular pair of scissors or whatyou see I am using here is actually a multi-blade scissors just to speed up construction.

  Whenyou're finish cutting, open up those sheets, and fold them in the opposite direction.

  Thisis going to create a little bit more dimension.

  Staple them at one end, and then begin wrapping themaround the top of a pencil.

  When you have coiled it all the way around, seal it in witha little bit of hot glue, and then attach the second piece of cut paper, wrapping thatall the way around and again finishing it with a little bit of hot glue.

  Take thestamen, flip it upside down, apply a generous amount of glue and then press it down intothe center of your flower.

It looks pretty good at this point, but wewant to finish it off with some foliage.

  To do this, take a sheet of paper, fold it inhalf lengthwise and cut out half of a tear drop shape.

  To add a little bit of extradimension, we are going to fold this accordion style, but doing it at an angle.

  Fold itall the way up the leaf, and then when you open it up, you will see it has created somegreat ridges.

  Apply a little bit of glue and adhere it to the underside of the flower.

I love these flowers because they sit flat, making them perfect for party decorations.

  Theyare fantastic as centerpieces or on your mantle.

  Or if you have some temporary adhesive you caneven mount them on your wall.

  I do hope you will give this project a try, experimentwith some different colors and petal shapes.

  And I hope they add a little brightness and cheerto your space.

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Thank you so much for watching, and join me next time for another great DIY project.

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