Paper doily Peace Dove craft

Paper doily Peace Dove craft

Hi, this is Joelle Meijer.

I will show you how to create this dove madewith a paper doily.

Start by folding the doily in eight.

To fold the doily in eight, first fold itin half to get a semicircle.

Then, fold the semicircle in half to get aquarter circle.

And finally, fold the quarter circle in halfto get one-eighth of a circle with one side that is the fold and the otherside that is open.

Thus there are in all, eight layers of paper.

Take a pair of scissors and cut the eightlayers of paper starting from the rounded edge towards thetip for about two thirds of the length.

Take four layers of doily from the open sideand et fold them upwards.

Turn the doily and do the same on the otherside with the other four layers of doily.

These will form the wings of your dove.

Fold the tip of the doily to one side andthen the other side.

Then invert the center crease to form thehead of the dove.

If you wish, you can colour the beak orangeand make black dots for the eyes.

To access the printable document with stepby step instructions, click on the link below the video.

Source: Youtube