Paper Butterfly Craft

Paper Butterfly Craft

Hi, this is Joelle Meijer.

When I think about Spring and Summer, I thinkof all the wonders of nature.

including butterflies for example.

Those insectsalways fascinated me.

Therefore I want to propose to you a projectto represent butterflies and at the same time take the opportunityto teach about symmetry.

Take a sheet of paper that you fold in halfwidthwise.

You will find two butterfly templates in thesupporting document but feel free to create your own pattern.

Draw half a butterfly.

The middle of the body is along the fold ofthe sheet of paper.

The fold represents the axis of symmetry ofthe butterfly.

When you are satisfied with your design, cutalong the lines you have drawn through both layers of paper.

Open the cut sheet.

and here is your firstbutterfly! As you can see, for the first project I createdvery rounded wings.

Nothing prevents you from creating more angularwings.

Following the same idea, take a sheet of paperthat you fold in half, draw your model of butterfly and as before, make sure that the middle of the body is locatedon the fold of the sheet of paper.

And finally cut out the butterfly and admirethe result.

You can use plain coloured paper or paperwith a pattern.

You can decorate the butterflies in differentways.

The first way to decorate the butterflieswould be to glue shapes in contrasting colours.

Use the dashed lines on the pattern to makesmaller patterns for shapes that you cut from scrap paper inother colours.

You can also make circles in contrasting coloursor patterns.

As always, the only limit is your own imagination! You can also combine collage with paint.

In this case, I used the back of a brush andI made small white dots all over.

You can also create patterns of butterflieswith blots of paint.

Don't forget to protect your work table becausewith this technique, the paint sometimes goes beyond the paper.

Put different coloured spots or lines on oneside of the butterfly and then fold the part of the butterfly withoutpaint onto the one that has paint and press everywhere.

Open and admire your original butterfly! There will never be two alike with this technique! When you have finished creating the butterflies, why not make a beautiful floral backgroundon a wide strip of paper and create a mural where you can glue allthe butterflies of your group or your class! The butterfly is a project that you can alsodo after reading the book "The very hungry caterpillar" byEric Carle.

Art projects help to integrate science topicslike the cycle of the butterfly.

To print the document with illustrated instructionsand patterns, click on the link below the video and don'tforget that on the Animaplates website you can find a lot more ideas!.

Source: Youtube