Panda-monium: 1600 Papier Mache Panda ‘Flash Mobs’ Land In Hong Kong

Panda-monium: 1600 Papier Mache Panda ‘Flash Mobs’ Land In Hong Kong

An army of paper mache pandas swarmed thearrivals hall at Hong Kong airport Monday as part of a charity campaign to promote conservationof the endangered bears.

The display of 1,600 papier mache pandas atthe airport was the first of a series of events planned across the city, as part of a month-long"1600 Pandas World Tour" campaign.

Designed by French sculptor Paulo Grangeon, the pandainstallation has already been displayed in other cities including Berlin, Paris and Taipei,before reaching Hong Kong, home to several of the bears.

"Themed around pandas' state of endangerment, the army of 1600 paper mache pandas shinesa spotlight on conservation and sustainable development," a press statement issued byPMQ, one of the organisers, said.

Organisers say the city will see "flash mobs of pandas"descend on various Hong Kong landmarks including Victoria Harbour, the Shatin racecourse andthe city's trams during the campaign.

Videos and pictures of the artwork flooded socialnetworking sites in Hong Kong following the start of the exhibition, including a clipcreated by a local airline showing paper pandas sitting on board a flight to symbolise their"arrival".

According to environmentalist group WWF, whichuses the bear as its logo, there are only about 1,600 giant pandas left in the wild,making it an endangered species.

Source: Youtube