Origami verstehen: Das traditionelle Schiff – wie es gemacht ist.

Origami verstehen: Das traditionelle Schiff – wie es gemacht ist.

In this video I show you on a simple example how origami can be structured.

You all know the famous traditional ship.

Everyone folded it.

At the last step you're saying "woooh" Suddenly there's a ship! But you don't really understand how it came out of the paper.

In this video I'm going to explain how the ship ist made.

When you understand how it is made, you can change the folding sequence and build a ship without unnecessary, ugly crease lines! We do both: Folding the creaseless ship and analyze its structure.

Please don't go! It's fun to understand origami! If you unfold the traditional ship you see a lot of creaselines.

it is not understandable how it's going to be folded.

But if we leave out the unnecessary crease lines The crease pattern looks like this.

The square in the middle will be the sail.

This will be the side of the ship.

This part of the paper is used to fix the sides.

That's it, it's very simple! With this crease pattern I show you how the ship is made.

After that we will use this pattern to fold the ship without unnecessary crease lines with a new sheet of paper.

With the traditional folding method you cannot see the sail in the crease pattern very well.

The sail is going to be folded like this.

The sides just must be folded over the two flaps inside.

It's so simple! The necessary creases for a model that you can see if you unfold the paper are called crease pattern.

Some origami artists can fold models only from their crease pattern.

Now let's fold the ship without ugly unnecessary crease lines togehter using a new sheet of paper! While folding, you will understand the model! Fold in half.

Here's the crease to be seen in the pattern.

In the traditional folding sequence you fold in half again, but this crease is not in the pattern so don't! Just mark the half on the tip.

Fold the corners to the middle.

Now we made the two diagonals you can see in the crease pattern.

You can see it here.

Next we fold up the paper as in the traditional way.

Now we made these creases.

The crease pattern now looks like this.

Now we need to fold the small corners.

Fold like shown.

Now we fold the sail.

(Don't unfold, I do it just for demostration purposes).

We are almost done, but the square in the middle is missing! We fold it in one step.

Now you can vary the size of the sail.

I will make a big one.

Crease firmly.

Please unfold completely Now we have all creases we need.

This is now a kind of a 3D puzzle.

Fold the ship without making any more creases! Like this.

First fold the sail as shown.

I show again.

Fold the two flaps upward.

Close the model.

Fold the flaps inside (over the two flaps in front of the sail).

The small tiangles we folded were just made to be not in the way.

Repeat on the other side.

That's it! Now you have a beautiful boat without ugly unnecessary crease lines! And you understood the magic of the origami boat!.

Source: Youtube