Origami Valentine Heart-Box

Origami Valentine Heart-Box

This is Leyla Torres of OrigamiSpirit.

Com In this video you'll learn how to make this origami box in the shape of a heart.

In another video you learned how to make this flat heart, which is a frame, and we can insert a photo.

In this video we will take the idea a little further and we'll make a box.

I have a piece of paper 7 x 7 inches (18 x 18 cm) Different color on each side.

In this case, if we want a red heart, we begin with the red side facing up.

Make tiny pinch-marks at the center.

Rotate and repeat.

Bring this edge to the central pinch-marks.

Make a fold about here, parallel to the edge.

Rotate and repeat here.


Rotate and repeat on these two sides.


We will make a fold about here.

We bring this edge to the opposite fold.

Rotate and repeat, this edge to the opposite fold.


Rotate and repeat two more times.

We locate this central square.

We will fold the diagonals of that square, from this intersection.

To this intersection.

We bring this corner to this corner, and mark the fold just from one intersection to the other.

Same here.

Turn it over.

Bring this corner to the center.

Make a fold from this pinch mark.

To this one.

Same here.

The folds coincide here.

And now these corners too.

This is a "Blintz fold" Unfold.

Turn over.

We will make a fold here, bringing this corner to this intersection.

Repeat here.

Fold along this crease.

We hold here and press from this edge so that we fold and collapse these two corners.

We will do the same here.

Press all the way to the center and collapse.

Notice that we don't have any creases at the corners, but if we turn it to the back, we do have some diagonal creases there.

Make a crease from this corner to this corner, bringing this point.

to this point.

We begin to see the shape of a heart.

Fold this back down.

Make a fold about here, bringing this corner.

Not all the way to the center, just off center.

These two edges should be parallel to the outer edges.

We fold the same distance here.

Re-fold along the existing creases.

Fold each one of these central corners to the outer edge.

We will work on these three lower flaps.

We will reinforce these as mountain folds, and make creases here and here (along the folded edge) Then we press from this edges and squash.

These tiny flaps will go underneath.

We repeat here and here.

Those little flaps that we just inserted there might tend to come apart when we puff up the box.

We have to keep an eye on them.

Bring this flap down.

Fold this point up to the intersection.


We will reverse this point to locate it under here.

And we fold along this existing line.

So we press…fold along.

Now it's reversed.

Fold the point to the back.

We will make a fold along here.

This point will come to this intersection.

Same here.

We reverse and fold that flap to the back.

We have the shape of the heart.

We will work in the air, placing our index finger under the corner and our thumb right above, holding the corner layers together.

As we do that, we will press on the edges, to flatten and bring them together.

We can press softly, we don't have to finish the whole fold.

We will go around and puff up the back as we go.

Very important to hold tight the corners! It's not finished yet, but little by little we press.

and puff up.

At this stage we will finish by pressing each corner all the way up.

We want this little flap to be flushed with this face of the box.

We can press it in there, and bring this flap up.

Here we have the box, We can use this as the base.

Or we can tilt it.

and these edges will be the base.

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