Origami Trash Bin Tutorial – DIY – Paper Kawaii

Origami Trash Bin Tutorial – DIY – Paper Kawaii

origami house bin, difficulty: intermediate – hard You will need: 2 sheets of square paper, 21 x 21 cm, cutting tool, ruler and pencil.

Calculator maybe.

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Measure this width and divide by 3.

Mine was 14.

8 รท 3 = 4.

9 cmRemember this number for later.

Remember that number from earlier?Double that number.


9 x 2 = 9.

8) Make mark at 9.

8 cm from the left and trim off the excess.

Take the width and divide by six.


5 cm)Make marks here.

Pul these out a little, so that the lid shuts.

Make another flap size and fold it up to put in the box.

Source: Youtube