Origami Star Tutorial | Paper Star Tutorial (Easy)

Origami Star Tutorial | Paper Star Tutorial (Easy)

Hello my YouTube friends welcome back to my channel Today I'm going to show you how to make this cute, little origami star Before that please subscribe my channel to motivate me to make more interesting DIY videos and share my video with your friends and family I'll really appreciate it <3 Click the like button if you like my video and also comment below if you have any questions or suggestions I'll read every one of them.

Now let's make the origami star To make the origami star all you gonna need is a half an inch wide long strip of paper First take one end of the paper and make a knot Tighten the knot but not too tight to wrinkle it.

Take the short end of the strip you can either slip it through the crease or fold it on top of the knot.

Leave the extra.

and take the long end of the paper and fold it on top of the knot.

Now take the short end and fold it again.

Keep folding the long end until you have a perfect pentagon.

When you reach the end of the paper fold it.

if you have any excess fold it Then slip it through like an envelop.

Now you have a perfect shaped pentagon.

pinch in the middle of all the sides of the pentagon.

The origami star is ready.

Thanks for watching.

Bye bye~.

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