Origami Rose Bush Bonsai-5 – Assembly

Origami Rose Bush Bonsai-5 – Assembly

So now you have all your pieces ready.

You need to take the leaves and push them on to the wires of the base.

Then you take a small strip of the paper you used to cover the trunk.

And use those to affix each of the stems to the trunk or to the branches.

Now you're going to take a little bigger piece and affix the stems that attach to the end of each branch So first put a little bit of paper mache glue on each tip.

Then take your piece of paper and wrap it through the two stems on the end of the branch and fold it over into place.

and do that for each of the branches.

Now take your thorns and your white glue, and put a little dab of white glue into the cup of the thorn.

And then press the thorn onto the branch.

And repeat that for the rest of the thorns, placing them around the rest of the branches.

Next we're going to put the roses on.

The three wires we've left bare, you wrap around the end of your finger and twist until it forms a base that looks something like this.

and do that with the three wires we've left bare.

Then take the leaf base for the 10 inch rose and twist it on to the base, and place the rose on top of it.

Do the same for the eight inch rose.

This time we'll take a little closer look at the rose being added.

Take the eight inch rose and push the tip of the base into the hole at the bottom of the rose then twist it on until it becomes snug.

And for the last rose, the six inch rose, do the same thing.

So that's it.

All the parts are now assembled.

The only thing left to do is little adjusments To get the leaves and the flowers into their final resting position.

Then you want to place the trunk of the rose into a piece of flower arrangement foam, and press it into a bonsai pot, something like this.

Then take your white glue and glue the trunk into the base.

And after letting the base set for a few hours, press the foam into place.

And take a little aquarium gravel to cover the top.

Finally add a little sheet moss.

Pick this up at your crafts store.

And you've got an origami bonsai rose bush.

Source: Youtube