Origami paper box – Cajas de origami de papel decorado

Origami paper box – Cajas de origami de papel decorado

decorative paper Origami boxes by Mr.

washi san We need: two sheets of decorative paper the same size.

if they are not square, we crop them.

We will fold the 4 corners to the center We fold the sides towards the center Mark the vertices unfold two sides and simply fold back about the vertices.

And we have the basis we go for the cover.

We cut in square We mark the center we fold the corners to the center How the cover has to be slightly larger than the base we won't fold the sides to the center, we will leave a few milimeters margin the same in the other side it should be a small slot We will do the same in the other two sides We try the cover on the base We bend the vertices We unfold two ends and return to foldon the vertices we have the cover with a die we will cut a flower and will stick over the top we have the complete case nice, colorful and original perfect for different gifts we can build them in any sizewe need even very small they are also very easy to make see you soon.

Source: Youtube