Origami Owl’s Summer 2016 Collection Reveal

Origami Owl’s Summer 2016 Collection Reveal

– Hey!- Hey! – Welcome to the Origami Owl Postcard Summer Collection reveal.

– Who's going on vacation this summer? – We are.

– Come along.

We've got some excitingthings to show you.

One of the things that Ilove most about summertime is time spent with family.

So many people throughout North America in US, in Canada, take amazing vacationswith their families, and so I gathered some picturesI haven't shown you yet.

– [Bella] Oh gosh.

– About some of our family vacations.

Look how cute.

– Why did you make mewear that swimming suit? – I know.

Take a look at this on whenwe went on a family camp out.

Look at you up in the woods.

– [Bella] Oh, I've alwaysbeen the cutest child.

– Aren't you so cute? Look at you and Warren on the beach.

So when I was 19 years old,grandma and I and Uncle Drew took a trip up to Canada.

We went to Banff, Jasper, Lake Louise.

If any of you have ever beento these amazing places, it's an incredible summervacation destination.

– Oh, my.

(laughs) – We can't wait for you to see our Postcard Summer Collection reveal.

There are so many charmsthat are gonna tell your summer vacation memories and just amazing summer stories.

Family reunions, and weknow you're gonna love it.

– [Bella] Woo, Postcard Summer! (light, rhythmic music) – As you know, our collection this summer is all about travel.

One of the most well-known symbols throughout the entire world is the beautiful Statue of Liberty.

Lady Liberty is anincredible representation of freedom, enlightenment, and people come from all over the world justto see this amazing statue.

Take a look at the newStatue of Liberty Charm.

As a part of our summer collection, I am so excited to announceour brand new clear plates.

Take a look at this clear platewith little red polka-dots.

It makes the most amazingaccent to your Living Locket.

It comes in medium.

So cute! (light, upbeat music) We're finally going to Coney Island.

Oh, amazing.

Amazing, epic thingsare gonna happen today.

I'm gonna do this hereSoarin' Eagle roller coaster.

The Steeplechase.

Let's do this.

Coney Island's closed.

I've come all this way, and I won't be riding the Wonder Wheel.

Even though I have this amazing, brand new Ferris wheel charm.

And look at that chilicheese dog in there.

Those are our brand new Swarovski stars.

Oh, but wait.

There's one more.

It's a brand new cotton candy charm! I didn't get to ride anyrides, but you know what? I still got this cotton candy.

So you're gonna want tocheck out all the new charms in our carnival collectionand our summer travel charms.

They're so cute.

From Coney Island Beach, New York, to the West Coast of California.

– Mom, do you remember whenwe went with our family in Hawaii on that whalewatching excursion? – Um, yeah, that was amazing.

– It was beautiful.

We actually created anew whale tail charm.

– [Chrissy] And you know what else we have to go along with that? – What do we have? – You know this? – [Bella] Hula, hula.

– We have a brand new hula girl.

One of the things that'sso fun about carnivals, who's ever gone and gottena goldfish in a bag? Or maybe you just have a goldfish at home.

Take a look at this adorablelittle goldfish charm.

It's adorable.

– [Bella] You are gonna love it.

– [Chrissy] I said adorable twice.

– [Bella] And it was fun.

– [Chrissy] Did I mention that we have a new starfish charm, secondin the series sandcastle.

I'm kind of in love withthe new Montana crystals.

The color is amazing.

How about this clearplate with navy stripes? It makes the most amazing backdrop to the perfect nautical summer locket.

We're so excited.

We're getting like blown away.

Woo! (laughs) My hair! I love the nautical look for summertime.

A little classic navy, white,maybe a little bit of red.

I'm excited to announce our new nautical leather wraps.

– nautical leather wraps.

– [Chrissy] I love this new navy and white striped wrap, and we also brought back the red wrap.

We know it's one of your favorites from last summer's hostess exclusive.

I love our new red andwhite striped swimsuit with our new Swarovskicrystal star charms.

And how about that Patriot Pop? Who doesn't want to eat oneof those in the summertime? – Who doesn't want to eat a Patriot Pop? I got a camera for Christmas last year, and ever since then, I have been obsessed with taking pictures, and I take cute pictures formy Instagram and all that, so I love this new camera dangle.

And do we have anyphotographers out there? Because who wouldn't wantthis amazing camera dangle? I am so excited that we are bringing back our Clown Fish charm.

But, wait, there's one more charm we're deciding to bring back.

– [Chrissy] I love thelittle blue tang fish in a locket for the summertime.

Bella, do you rememberwhen you were a little girl and we went on a family cruise? We have this brand new cruise ship charm! Woo! – [Bella] This will beso amazing to remember your favorite cruise with your family, and all the adventures you made.

– Oh, hey there, little pigeons.

How are you guys doing? Okay, so next I want to reveal my favorite charm ofthe summer collection.

Last year, my dad passed away in June.

When he left this life, hedidn't have a whole lot, and his prized possessionwas this passport.

Anyone that knew my dad knewhow much he loved to travel.

And when he was in his final days, the nurses that came to take care of him, he would always grab his passport and share some of theplaces that he had been.

He loved Australia.

He loved the Philippines.

This one says Tahiti.

He absolutely loved Tahiti.

It was one of his favoriteplaces in the world.

He lived in Hong Kongfor a period of time.

This entire passport, withadditional pages added, is full of visas and stamps of Bangkok, Thailand, and all the places wherehe went all over the world.

A couple of years ago, I created the cardinalscharm for my grandma.

It reminds me of her.

And this year, we createdthe passport charm for my dad.

My dad loved the beach.

Absolutely loved it.

And today especially, Ifeel extra close to him.

Dad, this charm's for you.

Don't you just love s'mores? – [Bella] I love you s'more.

(laughs) – Don't eat, that's– That's my s'more.

– Oh.

– Who does that.

– Uh, no Mom.

Actually, you know, rumorhas it that we have a new s'mores charm.

– What? S'mores for everyone.

– [Bella] Mm, carbs.

– [Chrissy] Who doesn't love s'mores? – [Bella] Who doesn't love carbs? – [Chrissy] I love s'mores.

– [Bella] I love carbs.

– [Chrissy] And carbs.

– We have a reversible camping sign.

A tent on one side, anda hiker on the other.

Who doesn't want that? – Who doesn't want that? – Everybody does, Bella.

– Everyone.

– And you know what? Bella, one of your favorite things to do when you were little? The new fish charm.

– [Bella] Fishing.

– [Chrissy] Just in time for summer time.

– [Bella] I'm excited about that one.

That one's gonna be amazing.

– Seriously, though, we hadso many good family memories out in the real wilderness, fishing and campingand having so much fun.

– I know.

Those are some of my favorite memories, so I'm really excited aboutour new summer collection.

– I feel like I'm in a carinsurance commercial right now.

You want to put a cupcakein your Living Locket, but you already have adoughnut, a piece of pizza, a margarita glass, and a cosmopolitan.

It seems excessive.

However, you love cupcakes.

What do you do? Add the cupcake.

Life's too short not to.

♫ Above the fruited plains ♫ Okay, no.

That's not good.

(crickets chirp) – What room number are you in? – 201.

– Oh What is that, what was that? – That was a bear.

– What was that?- That was a bear.

– Oh, my gosh, what is that? – Wait, wait, wait.

– Is it a bear? – This is a hotel.

We're good.

This is, we're good.

This is a hotel.

– Okay, whew.

♫ Some people stand inthe darkness afraid to ♫ I almost fell over.

(bluesy saxophone music).

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