Origami Owl’s Holiday 2016 Collection Reveal: Day 3

Origami Owl’s Holiday 2016 Collection Reveal: Day 3

– Oh, I'm so excited foryou to see what I got you.

– Oh, my gosh.

– You can go first.

– You want me to open yours first? – Sure, yeah.

– Okay.

Awww, ho, ho, ho.

– What do you think?They're swimming caps.

Let's see what you got me.

Oh, wow.

What's WD40? (Bright Christmas Music) – Now, the truth of the matter is you should always be grateful for whatever gift someone gives you, but we happen to be in the business of helping you be amonumentally amazing gift giver.

– Yes, this is true.

– So if you want someone to reallysmile this holiday season, we have created a great gift guide just for you.

Number one on our must-have gift list is this amazing set ofMoodology essential oils with our Sentiments Locket, which comes with a MoodDisc Charm along with it.

– The second thing on our gift guide, we have our new signature Living Locket Watch.

– [Mom] So cute.

– [Daughter] It is seriously so cute, and inside you will see thatwe have the Believe Charm, and it's perfect for the holiday season.

– Number three is the Key To My Heart Set.

You can put it on your handbag or use it as a key chain.

Also, something that youuse with our essential oils or an essential oil that you have at home.

– Number four on thegift-guide list is the amazing and beautiful Olivia Locket, and I think this look is perfect for the people that you love in your life.

– [Mom] For someone who loves owls, what a great way to let someone know how much you care about them.

– So how many of you every year search for the perfect gift to give your child's teacher? The struggle is – [Unison] Real! – Number five on our list is this adorable little gift just for teachers, and you know what? You can personalize this by adding something super meaningful to them.

We think you're gonna love it.

– So we have made a special collection for the movie Trolls.

We have the awesome little pins there, a cupcake, a heart and a cloud, and you can actually pair those perfectly with our Happy Gram Bangle that says "every cloud has a silver lining," and I think that is superawesome to pair with your pins.

– Number seven on our list, the beautiful and traditionalRose Gold Locket Set.

This is the Believe in Family Set.

If you wanna add additional charms to make it more personal, you can.

– Number eight, I think you're gonna love because it is the Candy Cane Locket Face, which I think is amazing.

And inside, you're gonna find the Snowman, the Sparkle Christmas Treeand the Snowflake Charms.

Number nine is one ofmy most favorite things, it is the gratitudelocket, so if you don't already know what's inside of this locket, you get a special piece of paper that you get to write whatyou're grateful for on, and you get to keep itclose to your heart.

My mom and I always talk about keeping a gratitude journal and howimportant that is in your life, but not only that, it ismore special to be able to keep what you're grateful for inside, close to your heart.

– Number 10, this is a perfect gift for someone who loves– – Puuurrrrfect, hahaha.

– [Mom] This is theperfect gift for someone who loves the true meaning of Christmas, the celebration of thebirth of Jesus Christ.

– Number 11 is the LetIt Snow Core Memento.

I think this is a very beautiful and elegant piece that you can pair with a Living Locket, but Ialso love to wear it alone.

– Last but not least is, number 12, the beautiful My Guardian Angel Gift Set.

What a meaningful giftyou can give someone to make sure they have, as a reminder, that their guardian angelis always with them.

Each one of these twelve gifts that we put together for youare one click purchases, so super easy, you canbuy them as they are, we've done the work for you, or, you can continue to personalize them and add a little extra as well.

(Bright Christmas music) – You obviously don't know me at all.

– Mom, look at how cute thishostess exclusive, ugh.

– Look at how cute thishostess exclusiss.

– The hostess exclusive is.

– Tongue twister, say it three times.

– Hostive exclusive is.

– Hostess.

(Daughter laughs) – Hostess, not hostive.

– Holiday hostive exclusive is.

– It's the hostive with the mostive.

(both giggling) (Mom snorts and giggles) – Oh my gosh, did you snort? – [Unison] We hope (Both laugh) (Mom laughs) – You have lipstick on your teeth.

– And it's like a lit–(Daughter belches) sorry.

(Mom and woman in background laugh) Something.

– I feel, like, feel itburning in my throat.

– You really gagged! (Daughter laughs) (Mom laughs) – Mom! – Ahh! – Creepy! – Weh weh weh weh weh Weh weh weh weh weh! – So, this amazing hot snow cone.

Hot snow cone? (Mom and daughter giggle) Hot snow cone?(Mom giggles) – So the answer's no, David! (Background giggling).

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