Origami Owl Spring 2016 Collection Sneak Peek: Day 2

Origami Owl Spring 2016 Collection Sneak Peek: Day 2

(dramatic classical music) (beep) – [Voiceover] Here's the (mumbles).

– [Voiceover] Uh uh, didn't sit.

– [Voiceover] Aha (laughs).

(beep) (dramatic classical music) – [Voiceover] Stay.

(dramatic classical music) (beep) – [Voiceover] Uh uh, oh.

(dramatic classical music) (beep) – [Voiceover] That was good though.

– [Voiceover] Yeah.

– [Voiceover] That was good.

(beep)- [Voiceover] Walk in Nickles, she's sitting back.

Oh, stay.


– [Voiceover] Oh.

(dramatic classical music) – [Together] We're back! – Have you been thinkingabout our emoji charms? – I know you have been.

– Because we have.

They're clearly our favorites.

Back for day two.

– Woop, woo! (chirpy guitar musicwith person whistling) So today we're goingto tell you, first off, what our spring take out menu theme is.

And that is.

– A Walk in the Park! – That's right, everyone.

A Walk in the Park.

– Take a look at our newspring take out menu.

We are super excited about it.

Brand new format.

Super easy to learn howto create a Living Locket in this take out menu.

– Oh, yeah.

– [Chrissy] Mm hmm.

But, let's talk for a minuteabout Walk in the Park.

Here we are today in this beautiful park.

I happen to be a lover of nature.

This spring, we are celebrating.


Taking a walk in the park with your dogs, your family.

How about a little newborn baby? I don't know.

Walk him with a stroller.

So you heard me mention flowers and floral is a big part of this Spring Reveal today.

We can't wait for you tosee what we've created.

– Yay.

So take a look at this new floral face.

– [Chrissy] What?- [Bella] Oh my goodness.

How amazing is that? Seriously.

– Okay, so there is notanother of its kind.

This is a new sculpted floral face with Swarovski crystals and it is my absolute favorite locket we have ever created.

It is beautiful.

– [Bella] It's so unique and beautiful.

I absolutely love our newfloral face paired with our new pink and white roses.

– Look at how classy andelegant these roses are.

So, I love the new pink roses paired in a rose-gold locket with our brand new Stopand Smell the Roses dangle.

– [Bella] Oh, man.

– Look.

Look at how beautiful that is! And sometimes in life, you just need to.

(chirpy guitar musicwith person whistling) – [Together] Stop and smell the roses.

– In this new dangle collection you will find a silverFind the Silver Lining, which I love paired with the lemon charm.

My pen-ju lemon, make lemonade.

You gotta.

– [Together] Find the silver lining! – A rose-gold Stop and Smell the Roses and then, Follow the Golden Rule, in gold.

I love this new collectionof dangles for spring.

– And speaking of floral, we have my absolute, number one, favorite thing of this whole reveal.

Are you ready? The floral wrap.

Oh my goodness! – Yay! Paired with the floral charms in a little butterfly.

Oh wait!- [Bella] If that doesn't say spring, I don't know what does.

– Oh wait.

Did I just say butterfly? – [Bella] Butterfly?- Yesterday we revealed our new butterfly charm but today, we are revealing our first Swarovski crystal butterfly.

Take a look at how beautiful it is! – Oh my gosh.

When I was little, wewould go and we would get these little bags of ladybugswhen we were gardening, me and my mom, and we would come home and we would open the bag and ladybugs would just fly everywhere.

It's like, you're just like, swarmed with all these beautiful ladybugs, and me and my friendswould play with them, and it's just such agood childhood memory.

And so, that's one thing that I've remembered from my childhood and I absolutely love the ladybug charm.

– Take a look at the detailof this new ladybug charm.

It is exquisite.

I absolutely love it.

So, you've heard us talk about capturing every moment in a Living Locket.

Some of the most tender moments, particularly to a new mom, is the birth of a little baby I want you to take a look at this sweet new littlebaby carriage dangle.

Can you believe the wheels actually move and the crystals in thewheels are Swarovski crystal? This is an incredible gift to give a new mom, personalized with inscriptions and some of our special charms.

There is nothing like the sweetness of a newborn baby, andwe want to make sure you can capture the birth of that baby in a Living Locket.

I'm really excited to share with you this next special pieceof Origami Owl jewelry.

Coming from our core collection, we have our brand new Family Tree Roots Run Deep.

This is a very special charm with so much meaning.

A Tree of Life is ofstrengthening family ties, of spirituality and wisdom.

I'm wearing our new sterling silver Tree of Life today with a rose-gold chain, and I love it paired withthe look that I have.

There's so much meaning in a Tree of Life and I know that this is something that you're going to love.

We also have a new Tree of Life dangle, and on the back of the dangle, it says Family is Forever, and those come in rose-gold and silver.

– This spring, we havethe perfect accessories for you to be able tocelebrate your family and the things that matter most.

Last but not least isone of my very favorite items for spring, and that is our new 36- to 38-inch cube chain.

– [Bella] Yay! – Bella and I are both wearing it today.

I absolutely love it.

– We have some amazing things coming up for you tomorrow.

We cannot wait for you to see 'em, so stay tuned and get ready for an amazing new reveal.

– [Chrissy] Make sure you tune in tomorrow You're not going to want to miss it! (guitar fades out).

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