Origami Owl Holiday 2016 Collection: Day 2

Origami Owl Holiday 2016 Collection: Day 2

(Christmas music) – Welcome back to day twoof the holiday reveal.

– You're not gonna believe what we have coming your way today.

– As we talked about yesterday, the theme for the entire holiday season here at Origami Owl isBelieve in the Magic.

– At Origami Owl, we are all about creating meaningfuljewelry that tells a story.

I know that many of you outthere have things in life that you are struggling with.

And I want you to knowthat we are believers in believing in the magic of miracles.

So, I would like to introduce to you this amazing littleblack inscriptions plaque that comes with the word.

– [Both] Believe.

– [Chrissy] It can serve asa constant reminder to you that miracles really dohappen when you believe.

– A lot of you love our goldand silver Sentiments Locket, and, by popular demand, now we have a black Sentiments Locket.

This is amazing for the holiday season.

– This year, we have a beautiful silver and gold collection for you.

– And I love to mix metals, andit's super trendy right now.

So, we love our silverand gold collection.

– Take a look at the brand-new Nesting Crosses.

– [Bella] Oh, my gosh! I'm so excited about the Nesting Crosses.

– [Chrissy] Okay, threeways to wear, right here.

First of which is, you can actually put the largest nestingcross on the leather wrap.

– [Bella] Oh, my goodness.

– [Chrissy] And wear theother two in a locket.

So cute, right? – [Bella] I love it! You could take the largeand medium Nesting Crosses and put them together andwear them on a simple chain, and you can actually takethe smallest Nesting Cross and wear it as a charm in your locket.

I love how interchangeable they are.

– [Chrissy] So cute.

Now, the third way that youcan wear the Nesting Crosses is in our beautiful Legacy Locket.

All three fit amazinglyin our Legacy Locket.

Such a pretty look.

– So, we have something pretty amazing and special for the holidays.

– Just for the Legacy Locket.

– Just for the Legacy Locket,we have our new Charm Shelf.

So, it's so cool, because you can actually write words with them, and they're just adorable topair with your Legacy Locket.

– You are going to loveall of the creative ways that you can use this new Charm Shelf.

And I love it here, as we've shown it with the silver and gold.

So perfect for the holiday season.

So, over the years, as you know, Origami Owl is all about stories.

And we have heard some ofthe most incredible stories from our designers, from our customers, and from people thatjust love our jewelry.

One such story that Iheard was about a mother who said.

she said she was the mother of an angel, because she had lost a little one.

And, I want you to know that, as we go through and we create jewelry, we think about whatpeople are going through and what is meaningful to each of you.

If you're listening to thesound of my voice right now, and it's you who sharedthat story with me, just know that yourstory and your little one has not been forgotten.

And you can wear thislittle Guardian Angel Window to remember that you dohave an angel up above.

I made a Guardian Angel Locket for my dad, who passed away last year.

And, towards the end of his life, we became very, very close.

And, I distinctly rememberthe day when he told me that he felt like I wasan angel in his life.

And so, I made thislocket just for you, Dad, if you can hear me up there.

And it says, "I was hisangel, and now, he's mine.

" – I absolutely love thisGuardian Angel Window Plate.

I think it's so special.

And, I actually felt veryemotionally connected to it, so I wrote a special poem that's going to beinside the take-out menu, so make sure you take a look at that.

It's something that is verynear and dear to my heart.

And I hope you love your newGuardian Angel Window Plate.

– And, that right thereis our brand-new gold Large Oval Link Chain.

But wait! There's more.

– What else could there be?- Did you happen to notice my amazing new earrings thatI'm wearing right now, Bella? – What? Those are amazing.

– Do you see those? Yes, brand-new Swarovski crystal, gold earrings.

Just to match the new gold collection we have going on this season.

– [Bella] I love it.

– [Chrissy] I love it, too.

– You know what elsecomes in silver and gold? – What else? – These amazing SignatureLiving Locket watches.

– [Both] What! – [Chrissy] Wait a minute.

Do you mean, you can putcharms inside the watch? – [Bella] Yes.

– [Chrissy] Charms inside the watch.

I love the way our Swarovskicrystal stardust floats around the outside of this watch.

This is such a special piece.

And, the face actually twists off.

It's the only one of it's size, so it's specifically for this watch.

Comes in polished silver or brushed gold.

– [Bella] I love it.

– [Chrissy] And I love itfor this holiday season.

– We hope you think thisreveal has been as magical as we have thought it's been.

– Mmm-Hmm.

It's time to.

– Believe in the Magic of Christmas.

– And, let it snow.


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