Origami Mouse Instructions

Origami Mouse Instructions

Hello dear Friends of the folded sheet.

I'mTavin from Tavin's Origami Instruction and today we will fold a mouse.

It's an traditionalmodel very easy to do and you only need one quadratic sheet of paper I'm using 15cm X15cm that's about 6 Inches origami paper and any paper will do the trick as long it's asquare.

Let's get started if you have a dual color sheet of paper turn the white site upfor a blue mouse in this case and we fold both diangonals in the right hand top corneryou can see a diagram click on it for the option to download it and we also fold itin the other direction so now we have both diangonals make it nice and neat pause itif you need to this is not a race it is supposed to be fun unfold it again and fold the angle bisectorfold the outer edge towards the diagonal crease thus making a kite shapeI'm aligning the with the crease here.

And foldand also on the other side the arrows with the two heads means that Ihave to unfold it again so that is what I'll do after I have finished that crease and thenext step is to fold it in the other direction there you goand now for the more tricky part we do a rabbit-ear that means that we lift that side up and foldit also and put it down so we need two make to creaseshere by folding by folding the nose to the left, or the rabbit earwe repeat this on the other side too we fold again the edge we just unfolded earlier andflatten it and this is what it looks like this is alsocalled a fish-base this is used for several different modelsfor example my ray model now we use those two rabbit-ears to fold the mouse ears laterwhat I want to do is to fold it backward with a mountainfold.

it easier just to fold downthe rabbit ear and then fold it up again so this is like folding it behindso I'm also doing this with the second rabbit-ear.

So I also fold it down first so I can makea normal fold (also called valleyfold) then I also hide it behind the flap itselfnow I'm taking the tip of this diamond-shape and fold it behind I leave about about a fingerwide or the same amount of space the rabbit or the mouse-ears needand I fold it right there this is nice and neatnow if fold along this line those corners behindhere too fold the corners behindthis is again called a mountainfold because the crease you fold look like a mountainthere we go fold behind like thisnow fold the whole thing in half nice and neatand now we finally do our ears so we fold this in a nice angleabout 45° but it does not matter as long as you make it the same on the sideso you can make sure that it's nice and maybe adjust it a littleand now for the "mousyness" of the ears we work our fingers through those two layershere and open it up and round it, so just pressit a little.

not a full crease but more like bending the paper we make it like this heretwo and this now also looks really like an earyou can see in the diagram that there is a crossbow-arrow that means repeat on the backsideso this is what we did we folded the ears on both sidesnow the next step is an inside-reverse-fold for that we take the paper here and push itdownwards so it goes inside this main crease and then we push it so this is about the samelength the back and the nose of the mouse are about the sameand we do another inside-reverse-fold the tail is parallel to the bottom of themouse and adjust the angle as you need to.

maybe you need to rewind this step it is reallyeasy if you just do it with your fingers as I showedso those are nice and parallel now we make the tail of the mouse a littlethinner by folding it inside here again the angle-bisector or alining the edge with thecrease in the middle this might be a little fumbly but I thinkyou can do it that is basically already our mouse I just arranging the tail a littleand there you go and if you want to you can draw a nice eye and nose on it so everyonecan see that it is your mouse thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoyed thisas much as I did.

And next week I'll fold an minecraft earth-block with you thank youfor everyone to everyone that left feedback on my last video and if you watched to theend please do mention a potatoe in your comment.

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