Origami Goldfish :: Pez Dorado

Origami Goldfish :: Pez Dorado

In this video you'll learn how to make an origami goldfish.

This is Leyla Torres of OrigamiSpirit.

Com For ideas on what paper to use and how to color the paper visit our related blog post at OrigamiSpirit.

Com To make this fish we need a rectangular piece of paper.

Cut a square in half to get two perfect rectangles for this fish.

It's better to use a paper that is somewhat thick.

Office paper is ideal, same color on both sides.

Make one fold at the center, but not quite to the end.

Match edges and fold about three quarters.

We make a fold here.

Staring about a third of this distance.

Just to blunt the corner.


Press from here and reverse that fold.

We are going to mark the central point here.

Fold this like so.

Match the edges here.

And mark the center.

Turn it over.

Hold the finger right there.

We are going to make a fold starting at that point, to this edge.

First folding like so -Do not mark the crease yet.

We make sure to see a 90˚ angle here.

Then we move and open that angle a little bit.

Once there we hold and make the crease.

This is a close-up view.

Notice the obtuse angle.


We bring this edge to the center.

Mark this [lateral] distance.

over here.

Plus a little more.

Rotate and repeat.

Now we make a fold from here.

To the corner.

Same here.

Now we make a fold along here, going through these two intersections.

We reinforce these folds.

through all layers.

And we extend the central fold all the way to the folded edge.


Pinch the corners, using existing folds.

We bring this edge toward the center.

We already have the fold.

Press flat only on this area.

Repeat on the left side.

We hold both corners and collapse.

Notice that I don't have any mark here.

We hold it like this.

We are going to make a fold starting a little to the left of the center.

To about here.

This is a close-up view.

The diagram shows where the folds should go.

About there.

Same here.

Rotate and turn it over.

We fold at the center.

On this side it's a mountain fold.

Flatten at the back.

Hold the two layers together.

There is an existing crease.

Bring the tail down like so.

Inside-reverse fold at the corner, following existing creases.

We are going to curl the tail.

We can do it with our fingers.

This top part can be curled to one side.

We can separate the two layers of the tail.

For variation, the tail can be curled to one side or the other.

Also, The layers of the tail can be curled to the same side, but each one individually.

For ideas on how to color the paper visit our related blog post at OrigamiSpirit.


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