Origami Ghost – Fantôme, Fantasma, Gespenst

Origami Ghost – Fantôme, Fantasma, Gespenst

How to make an origami ghost Instructions in English.

Video instructions to make a ghost in origami Start with a white square sheet of paper.

Or a green one if you want a green monster instead of a white ghost! Turn the square and fold it along the horizontal diagonal.

Fold the right tip towards the left.

It will become the arm of the ghost.

Fold the arm towards the right.

Fold the arm again towards the left.

And fold the arm again one last time towards the right.

Now do the same folds for the left arm.

Fold to the right.

Try to do the folds at the same positions than for the right arm.

Fold to the left.

Fold to the right again.

And for one last time to the left.

Turn the model over.

Fold the top of the head towards the bottom.

Turn the model over.

Slightly unfold the arms.

You can draw some eyes and a mouth, or put sticky eyes.

And your ghost is done! It can stand on its own, and your ghost is ready to haunt the house and spook your friends and family! I hope you like this model and this video! Please share and like the video.

🙂 And comment if you liked it! Thank you!.

Source: Youtube