Origami Flower -Easy and Fast :: Flor fácil y rápida

Origami Flower -Easy and Fast :: Flor fácil y rápida

In this video you will learn how to make this traditional six-petal flower also, you will see some ideas on coloring paper and adding items to embellish the flower.

To make this flower we need three pieces of paper.

They are rectangles in the proportion of 2 by 1.

In this case this is 6 x 3 inches or 15 x 7.

5 cm.

If we cut a square in half, we have two of the needed rectangles.

these flowers were made with pieces of paper about 3 x 1.

5 inches.

The petals are tied with a piece of wire.

The smaller the flower, the thiner the wire we want.

And this can be also the stem.

For a flower this size, I'll be using this wire, which is called "pipe cleaner" wire.

But any other thick wire will be fine.

In this case I have paper of different color on each side.

begin with the color side facing up.

We fold in half lenghtwise Rotate We are going to bring this corner up so that this edge touches the upper edge.

Repeat here.

And repeat behind.

Now we bring this edge to the upper folded edge.

We create a fold about here.

Repeat on the back.

We are going to unfold to this position.

And we are going to create a fold here at the center.

and we fold to this position again.

We're going to repeat the same process with the other two pieces of paper.

now we're going to bend the piece of wire.

so that we make this hook We stack the three pieces together, matching them.

We are going to hold it from this longer edge.

And then we insert into the wire at the center and twist.

Then we fold these two to the left.

and we fold these together to the right.

We position them symmetrically around.

Now we are going to open this petal by placing our thumb inside.

and pressing with the fingers from underneath.

We can curl the ends.

We can also use a button to create a center.

We thread the wire through the holes.

Give it a twist.

And then we can attach the petals.

And then we can tighten.

And here is how I made some leaves.

This square is 6 x 6 inches.

We're going to make an accordion fold of eight equal sections.

I place the raw edge on my right.

This will be the center of the leaves.

I cut the shape of half the leaf.

We open.

We have four leaves We can choose to cut them here.

or we can use them all together.

We can color the paper before folding.

Look for a video on this channel, describing the process.

We can apply color patterns on recycled pieces of paper using markers.

Then use the paper to make the flowers.

In this case, a red bead was attached at the center.

On this channel look for the video on how to make these sunflowers too.

this is Leyla Torres of OrigamiSpirit.


Source: Youtube