Origami Dachshund Dog : : Perro Salchicha

Origami Dachshund Dog : : Perro Salchicha

This is Leyla Torres of OrigamiSpirit.

Com In this video you'll learn how to make this origami dog This is a great action model.

You'll have fun playing with it.

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Com To make a dog about the size of the palm of my hand, we need a piece of paper 6 x 6 inches (15 x 15 cm.

) For the video I'll use a bigger piece of paper.

I have paper blue on one side, white on the other.

I will make a white dog with a blue nose.

We begin with the color of the nose facing up.

Rotate and fold the diagonals.

Open and bring two opposite corners to the center.

This will be the underside.

Turn it over.

We will make a valley fold, connecting these corners.

The tip at the center.

Repeat here.

We are going to create other valley folds along here.

We bring the tip to the opposite intersection.

And the left tip to this intersection.

We reinforce the central crease as valley too.

We turn it over and rotate.

We will be making folds in between.

On this side, this is a mountain fold.

We hold from that mountain fold, pinching it, and we align it with the next crease line.

We create a valley fold at the center.

We repeat three more times.

Rotate and fold along this horizontal line.

This side will be for the head, and this will be for the tail.

We are going to bring this corner over, about two thirds of the distance.

We'll make a fold about here.

One, two, three….

Two thirds.

Now we focus on just this distance.

At 1/4 of that distance, we will make another parallel fold.


We are going to bisect this angle (divide it in two) along here, all the way to meet this fold.

Align this edge with the vertical line.

We stop right here.


At this point this is a valley fold.

We want to turn it into a mountain fold, just like this one.

This is a mountain fold.

We want this as a mountain fold too.

This is a valley fold.

We want this as a valley fold too.

We will blunt this tip, which will be the nose.

just a little bit.

We are going to make a pleat fold.

We begin to see the head.

We are going to pinch along this mountain fold.

Push here… …and then, we are going to press this fold flat.

A new fold is created here.

Softly we move our right index finger and also create a fold along here as we flatten.

We turn it over.

We repeat on this side.

Press this edge.

We have this soft corner here, we can blunt it a little bit more.

This allows to round the snout when the dog is finished.

Now we will work on the area of the tail.

Hold on the right, insert the finger, press on this edge and flatten.

We bring the raw edge to the vertical line.

Same on this side.

Open and press so that we reverse this fold.

This is called a "Petal Fold".

We bring this flap up.

We are going to make a fold along here.

Bring this edge to the center.

Same here.

Eventually we will fold it over and shape the tail.

For the moment we are going to open and bring the flap down.

We turn it over and leave it like this.

We will make the folds to create the accordion part.

We need to be making folds along here.

First we create a short diagonal coming from the edge down to here.

We bring this edge to align with this.

We continue creating all these.

Make the same angular folds along the lower edge.

First in this direction.


Now we are going to work in the air.

Hold from the head.

Open slightly.

Press at the center here.

This central line becomes a valley.

We can collapse.

We will repeat three more times.

We can work on the table.

Insert the index finger.

Press here and collapse.

We are going to reverse each of these corners.

Press from the folded edge.

We are going to lift the flap and refold along existing creases.

We fold these two flaps together.

We can bring the tail down a little bit.

and fold in the other direction (reversing it).

We can curl it.

And then we have the first version of the dog.

We can play with it and define four little legs.

We are going to hold from each end and push these in.

We will create a mountain fold along here.

We can make it section by section.

First from this corner to this corner.

This will become a valley fold.

And we continue from here to here, and one more time.

This will become a valley fold as well.

And we can refold.

We repeat on the other side.

Valley folds.

And we have this version of the dog.

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Source: Youtube