Origami Carousel : : Carrusel – Calesita – Tiovivo

Origami Carousel : : Carrusel – Calesita – Tiovivo

This is Leyla Torres of OrigamiSpirit.

Com In this video you'll learn how to make an origami carousel.

To make the carousel we need a spinning top, four horses, a pyramid base, a skewer, and four pieces of wire.

For the top and the base we use 6 x 6-inch squares or 15 x 15 cm.

For each horse we use a square 1/4 the size of the bigger square.

The size of the stick is equal to the side of the bigger square.

The wire for the horses is 26 gauge.

It can be a bit longer than the side of the smaller square.

To make the top watch video of the paper turbine presented on this channel.

Click on the link at the upper right corner of your screen.

To make the horses watch the video on this channel.

Also, click on the link at the upper right corner of your screen.

Here I will explain how to make the base.

If we have paper of different color on each side begin with the final color of the base facing up.

We make the diagonal folds.

Turn it over.

We make the central folds, parallel to the edges.

We leave it folded, hold from the sides push toward the center.

We collapse and make what is called a "preliminary base" Rotate.

The open side is pointing down.

We bring the edge to the central, verticalline.

Same here.


Open the top flap We are going to inside-reverse this, along the existing lines.

This is a "petal fold".

Turn it over and repeat on this side.

We have these two flaps up.

We turn the flap, as if turning a page of a book.

Turn it over and repeat.

We have these two flaps here.

We bring this flap up, making a fold here.

Turn it over and repeat.

We have the four flaps pointing up.

We will create a fold along here.

We bring this edge to match the horizontal.

Same on the left.

Push and bring these two sides together, creating this narrow flap.

We can press it to the left.

We bring this edge along the vertical central line.

We will fold it along the lower edge.

Unfold and refold that.

We will bring the tip to the left again.

This edge will match itself.

The point comes all the way to here.

Fold this inside.

We fold so the flap wraps over all the layers we have there.

Repeat behind.

We turn so we see this face and this face.

We repeat the process on both of them.

Once here, we position these flaps as a cross.

Now it's possible to add an insert as decoration to add another color.

Cut a square whose side is the length of this base.

We will make a water-bomb base.

Start with the yellow side facing up.

Turn it over.

Make the diagonals.

Leave it closed, push and collapse.

This is the water-bomb base.

We position it as a cross and insert it in here.

First we can open one flap.

One by one, they all get inserted.

We can make exactly the same for the top.

We insert the stick from under the base.

Open holes on the corners.

A little extra insert can be added to the tip.

Just a very small square, folded into the preliminary base.

To make it spin, we can lightly blow on it.

Or we can move it with our finger.

Source: Youtube