Origami Box (with audio)

Origami Box (with audio)

Hello, and welcome to our Origami Box video.

This is the very basic origami box or "masu".

You'll start with a squareof origami paper, with the color side down.

First you'll make a Mountain Fold; fold the paper in half as we're showing here.

Crease the edge well.

Then you'll make another mountain fold, similar to the first at ninety degrees.

Now unfold the paper and we'll use those crease lines that we just made as guides to fold each of the four corners of the paper towards the center, just like we're showing here.

So start with two of the corners, and fold them in and line them up carefully; hold down the center with one finger and crease the edges as we're showing here.

Now do this for the other two (2) corners and also crease those edges well.

Next we'll fold in two (2) of those edges to the center just like this Now we're going to fold the paper in half Now unfold the paper, and fold the two (2) short edges towards that center line crease that you just made.

Now we're going to unfold the last two-and-a-half steps.

So unfold that, then take the sides out, then two (2) of the corners will go out like this.

Now we're going to start folding in the sides out the box.

You'll start with two ofcorners as we're showing here fold in the top corners.

As we do this we'll actually need to reversethe direction of the fold on the corner of the box so this piece will go out like.

And hereon the other side as well.

When that's done, fold in the top flap likethis, all the way into the box.

Rotate the piece around, and we'll repeat that step.

And it was kind of tricky so let's zoom in and look at it closely.

So what we're trying to do isfold in the sides, and as we do this vertical line here, this fold is going to bereversed.

So start folding in the corner like this, and push that corner out, and then re-crease it as we're showing here.

Now do that on the other side.

This piece goes in, re-crease this piece.

And now fold in the remaining flap into the box.

Crease all the edges.

And there you have it: your Origami Box is complete.


Source: Youtube