origami – action origami – double star flexicube (David Brill) – tutorial – dutchpapergirl

origami – action origami – double star flexicube (David Brill) – tutorial – dutchpapergirl

I made a video in which I show the double star flexi cube.

This is the tutorial.

It is difficult, but worth it !!! Paper cutting: 1:32 min create clusters:: Coming up folding part.

5:56 min make the star:.

10:59 min.

You need 64 pieces of paper in the size A7.

A7 is 74 x 105 mm.

You have 8 A4 sheets needed to make the pieces.

You can measure, draw and cut lines (or cut) and thus divide the paper into 8 equal pieces.

However, it is easier and more precise to the paper folded several times and cut.

A4 makes double A5.

Lay the blade flat on the table and cut through the fold.

A5 makes double A6.

To cut.

And if you fold A6 dual Get A7.

Now you have eight pieces that are exactly the same size (A7) 2a left hand unit 1:45 min.

2b right hand unit 3:45 min.

2c hinge 5:16 min.

left hand unit right hand unit hinge We start with the left hand unit.

You have to make 24 to make 2 stars / cubes.

Please note that the paper folds right !! Make two diagonal folds.

Note that remain well lie on each other the two layers of the paper !!! a fold inwardly Open the form, while holding the bottom of the table.

Fold the bottom third of the crease you made.

Fold the top layer of the paper to the right.

Fold the small flap inside.

Fold the paper in half.

and push the right corner of the triangle to the left side of the paper.

Only create a fold on the inside !!! Fold the rectangle.

Fold the triangle outside.

1 left-hand unit ready.

It is called the left-hand unit, because you tucked the flap with your left hand.

Now the right hand unit.

You also 24 parts needed here.

The right hand unit is the mirror image of the left hand unit! The first three steps are just like.

Note: Now fold the paper to the left! The closed side is right.

Now, make two diagonal folds as before.

Fold the paper: the center will protrude.

Open the form and fold the bottom of the third fold.

Fold the top left.

Fold the small flap inside.

Fold the paper in half.

and push to the corner of the triangle to the other side of the paper.

just fold the inside.

Fold the rectangle to the top.

and fold the triangle outside.

1 right hand unit ready.

The hinge.

You need 16 hinges.

Fold the paper up and use the crease you just made as a starting point.

Create an opposite fold on both sides.

Fold the 2 rectangles.

and the hinge in the middle.

Ready! 3a: what do we want: 3 + 2 units left hand hinges.

3b: a step between 6:53 min 3c.

The goal 8:10 min 3d:.

3 right units 9:53 min.

The goal: a cluster of five parts.

3 left-hand units 2 hinges Before I show you how to put them all together.

5 an intermediate step.

3 left-hand units They stay together by three triangular flaps.

3 and rectangular flaps.

3b: 3 left hand units (the intermediate step) Three triangular flaps Three rectangular flaps Slide the rectangle below the fold.

Slide the triangular piece in the box.

2 rectangles Two triangular flaps in two boxes.

3c 3 left hand units + 2 hinges Make it four.

Slide the hinge in a left hand unit.

Make a fold so that the two parts stay together.

Slide the 2nd hinge in another left hand unit.

Fold the rectangles.

Add the 2 parts of the hinges together.


triangle in the box.


Two triangles in two boxes.

3D: 3 right hand units; 4.

Make it last cluster before we put the star in each other 🙂 3 units to the right hand facing each other the same as the left-hand units to each other.

The difference lies in the flaps that are mirrored.

4: Star assemble finally 🙂 You've made: 4 clusters with three left-hand units and hinges and.

4 clusters of three units with right hand hinges.

Where do we want the hinges? Hinge 1 and 2 sit atop.

Hinge 3 and 4 sit at two sides.

Hinge 5,6, 7 and 8 sitting on the bottom.

Arrange the parts as they should be.

Open the little.

and move the rectangle in it.

Careful, not too far because otherwise he falling apart !!! READY!!!!!!!!!!! It's really nice that you looked !!!.

Source: Youtube