Øistein On Christmas Tour | Craft Ideas for Kids on BoxYourself

Øistein On Christmas Tour | Craft Ideas for Kids on BoxYourself

Hello everyone! Give me a high five! There we go, good, nice, very good Are you feeling good? Shall we start drawing? (Kids: Yeah!!) We'll start right off, not wasting any time here I'm gonna start with Little Øistein, do you know him? I'm drawing an egg, and then a triangle And then we continue with the cow! The cow is Little Øistein's best friend Horns on the top, ears out here, and a big nose There! Little Øistein and his friends are done! This year, Santa has decided to be environmentally friendly He's gonna drive an electric car A red moon, you've never seen that before, have you? Are you ready? (Kids: Yeah!) Wee, that went very well! Ready, set, go! And stop.

Do you think I will be able to draw a horse from this? (Kids: Nooo!!) Yup, ummm, then we'll just.

Ears on the horse! Mouth on the horse! Do you want to take it home? Yeah, then we'll just put it back here And then you can take it home after the show is finished! Now I need some parents! How about you sitting right there The one who's got the same hairstyle as me What fruit or vegetable am I drawing now? It's a pear.

He's got a pear-head! And then he's actually got a little bit of beard right here Like that! Do you want to join a selfie? (Kids: YES!!!) Are you making funny faces? Yeah, yeah? I've made it myself! Now all this is snow Then here comes the winter sky And when we get to here, then we get to a.

? That's right, a Christmas tree! And there we have a finished Santa It's very easy!.

Source: Youtube