NOT MY ARMS CHALLENGE 💪 | Death Star Waffles | Star Wars | Kids Cooking and Crafts 💪

NOT MY ARMS CHALLENGE 💪 | Death Star Waffles | Star Wars | Kids Cooking and Crafts 💪

Hey guys, welcome back to kids cooking & crafts! I'm Cru.

and I'm Corbin.

and we got a sweet new waffle maker for Christmas and so we decided we were going to put it to good use and make Death Star Waffles! But here's the catch.

we're going to be doing a Not My Hands Challenge! Let's Do this! Let's get started.

Okay so, It's important to remember to keep your hair out of the all the cooking you're going to do.

So like that YUP.

Okay it's kinda hooked on my nose.

Gotta lift it up a bit higher, there we go.

There We Go Got it Got it.

So Our first ingredient is going to be a 1 3/4 cup flower Right over here.

We are just going to get our ahhhhhhh? Measuring Cup! that's what it is We are going to get our 1 cup measuring.

let's come over here and measure.

it's important to level it out so to just make sure that you don't have too much.

So we we are going to come over here and put it in our mixing bowl.

Just put it right in.

Alright! Our next ingredient is going to be 1 tbs of baking powder.

Which is going to be the yellow cup right in front of me.

that would be the eggs.

Sorry I've been a little bit confused this morning I kinda woke up really early So we are going to need 1tablespoon which I believe is the biggest one.

right there.

So lets scoop that up.

and level it out.

So we make sure we don't have too much and put it in with the rest of the dry ingredients.

Our last dry ingredient is going to be 1/4 tsp of salt So that's right there.

and then I Guess I want to try some.

MMMMM (gag) Delicious I guess I will have more! (Gag) It will be the smallest one on there.

So you're going to scoop that up and then level it out So make sure I don't have too much and then put it in the dry ingredient Alright, I think I have something on my face.

I guess i need to wipe it.

Alrighty so now we're going to mix up our dry ingredients with our wisk.

which is going to be right here.

and just bring it over.

Or we can just mix it with our hands! you know you just want to make sure that it get's all around the bowl and you want to mix it up until you can't really tell the difference of what is flour, sugar, and salt and then we're going to move on to our liquid ingredients.

I needed to to clean off my hands.

So now we need to grab our eggs In this bowl.

the egg whites need to go in here not the egg yolks.

Oh No! This is gonna be bad.

here we go! So we just want to like crack em on the side.

Just like right there.

You gotta hit it a little harder then you want to just split it in half Opps I dropped the egg yolk So i just have to pick that up Right there.

with the rest of my egg.

Oh no.

It's breaking.

I guess we'll just try the next egg.

Lets come over here, grab the egg, crack it on the side just like we did the time before.


So we want to split it in half just like last time but make sure the egg yolk doesn't fall out.

Now we're just kinda like mix it Back and forth so the egg whites.

No, I dropped it again.

Okay I guess I'm just gonna try and there's no more egg yolk in there Oh crap there's a shell in there We just gotta grab the shell.

Oh I just barely touched it.

there it is Yea Right There.

Let's just put it right there that's good.

Next ingredient! So we are going to be using 1 3/4 cup of milk and we are going to grab this container here and we're just gonna pop the top off otherwise it wont come out.

So just gotta pop the back Now you just keep dump it in there Ever so Slowly.



STOP! You just want to stop when it gets to the top.

and dump it in with the egg yolk and whites mixture I guess.

So now we're going to be using a half cup of cooking oil Right there just pick it up and don't dump it all over my stuff or all over me.

So we just want to dump it right in to there slowly um you want to get it a little bit more centered so you don't spill as much Stop.

right there and just dump that it in Now we gotta wisk every thing together and so we just.

we don't want to be too light with it but we don't want to be too hard that it will just go everywhere We just want to like gently like beat it together I need to clean off my hands real quick Have you guys seen the new Star Wars movie? Yea Rogue One it's really awesome Yea, I really like Star Wars.

I kind of a geek about it So we were supposed to put the egg yolks into this bowl but we kinda just mixed em together.

Sooo we're just gonna skip that Alrighty lets get mixing! We are going to be using this egg yolk and egg white mixture and we're going to put it right into the dry ingredients Through the corner so it doesn't like splash out through the side.

Just gonna dump it right in the there.

Now my hands are gonna get messy Alrighty let's start mixing Alrighty, so we are just mixing this up till it's stays a little bit lumpy we need to pour now.

So we're just gonna open this right here it's the Star Wars thing.

make sure not to burn my hands because this is extremely hot and we're just gonna scoop up some of the batter So lets scoot over here and OKAY! The force is with me! I'm with the force! The force is with me! I'm with the force! The force is with me! I'm with the force! The force is with me! I'm with the force! The force is with me! I'm with the force! YEA! We did it! Alrighty! now we need to close the lid right here.

Success! Now we need to wait Let's check out our waffle and see how it looks It defies gravity! it's the Death Star cause it's floating in space.

let's get that waffle down real fast.

AHHHH! That looks like a really good Death Star Waffle.

Now for revenge! I'm going to be Cru's arms while he eats the waffle So first we need to put the butter on Yes oh yes just get that butter Just get all that butter.

all of it! Let's smear it on the waffle.

Can't just get it on one side of the Death Star You need a whole Death Star you gotta spread those clones around And then we can reach over here and grab our syrup Right straight out of here.

Oh Yes.

Come on baby you can do it It's not coming out so were just gonna pull the whole lid off And just pour it out.

Just a little bit at a time Or we can dump all of the syrup on! OKAY And then we can get our fork which is up to the left and our knife and then we can cut it up and be civilized about this.

So civilized NO.

Okay or you can rip it! This works too! It tastes sooo good I'm just gonna get a few more Bites You put it everywhere My nose is super itchy So oh there we go! Thank you for joining us This has been Kids Cooking & Crafts Not My Arms Challenge Waffle making Don't forget to check out our other videos which should be up here Up here! and probably down here I hope Thanks for watching! Subscribe! and comment below BYE!.

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