New DreamWorks Animation Trolls Collection by Origami Owl®

New DreamWorks Animation Trolls Collection by Origami Owl®

(upbeat music) – Hey hey guys.

What's up? I'm so excited to announce the partnership between Origami Owl andDreamWorks Animation.

So we're super excitedabout it and our partnership starts off with the mostamazing new movie, Trolls.

First off let's talk about mypersonal favorite character Poppy.

She's very poptimistic, youcould wear this in your locket to represent those times whereyou need a little “poptimism”, and a little bit ofhappiness in your life.

If you know me, youknow that I like to say a cupcake a day keeps the doctor away.

We have a brand new cupcakecharm that we are super excited about.

You can pair it perfectwith your poptimistic charm, and also we have amatching cupcake dangle.

It's just so cute and delicious looking.

I'm so excited to announcethe Be Colorful locket.

This is the perfect locketto pair with all of your Trolls charms because it'svery colorful and happy, and I also love that how itlooks like a little flower.

It has little indents andbevels inside that make it look like a little flower from Troll Land.

We have a brand newrainbowest of rainbows slider.

We have never had enamelsliders before and so this is a first for us and we are super excited.

(upbeat music) Next let's talk about Branch.

He is friends with Poppyand is actually practically our O2 blue color which issuper cool because we have some amazing O2 blue coloredthings in this collection.

We have our aqua flowerdangle which we love.

We have an aqua pair offlower studs, which are super cute to pair with yourdangle, and a slider.

So it's an aqua slider flowerand it's super beautiful, and I love how this is allcoordinating and you can wear these for any occasionand feel like you are a part of Trolls Land.

Do you remember the beColorful locket that I was just talking about? Well I was wearing Poppy'scolors which were in gold and now for Branch we havea silver Be Colorful locket.

So if you're a fan ofsilver you can wear your Be Colorful locket.

(upbeat music) Let's talk about the Snack Pack.

So first in the Snack Packwe have DJ Suki who is always counted on to laydown some beats you know what I'm saying.

Chica, chica, chica, womp, womp.

That's all I got.

Next I would like to introduceyou to Biggie and he is actually the biggestmember of the Trolls family but he has the biggest heart.

Next I would like tointroduce you to Cooper who happens to be the strangestperson in the Trolls family.

He poops cupcakes.

Next we have Guy Diamondwho happens to be covered in glitter.

Literal glitter, it'shilarious and he sings with an auto tune voice which is pretty awesome.

So you could pair him withmaybe a little microphone charm.

Next up we have somefashionistas who happen to be best fashion friends forever.

We have Satin and Chenillewho actually happen to be connected at the hair.

Look at how cute it ispaired with those sunglasses.

Some of you may havenoticed a little something happening with my arm party today.

So I want to introduce toyou the happy gram bangles and they are amazing topair with your wraps.

I want to introduce thefirst one which is our gold be true to you bangle andI love this because it has a saying from the movie onit, and it helps you remember to always be true to you.

The next one I want tointroduce is the every cloud has a silver lining bangle,and I think this one is very sweet, and I thinkthese are actually super cute to mix medals andpair them them together.

Let's talk about some accessories! I love our brand new pinsthat actually come in a set of three and they are perfectto add on maybe to a leather jacket, a jean jacket, toyour backpack, a scarf, and they are so interchangeable.

Look at how cute our B.




Pom poms are, and if you don't know what B.




Stands for it stands for bring your own hair.

These are actually are actuallya really popular trending accessory, and so thesewill add a fun little pop to your bag.

We have four brand newpersonality Trolls dangles, and we actually have four characters.

We have Satin and Chenille,we have Fuzzbert, we have Branch and Poppy.

They're super fun and we love them.

We hope that you love ournew Trolls collection, ‘hair’ we go it's time for youto book your jewelry bars.

Bye everyone!.

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